Blog History

In the spring of 2011 MS Odense started to blog about what happens in and around the club. It has been a great experience so far and we are happy to have so many good friend around the world because of this blog. Thank you all for following and contributing to the stories. I hope you have had some fun moments over the years. I have had a lot of them.

These first posts was the stories to kickoff our Golden League adventure in the summer 2011
MSO ready for HTU-championship
Press Conference: Golden League debut
MSO arrived in Prague

More Golden League. Our greatest rivalry has to be against FCOB Kamenice. Here are some post from those matches.
MSO returns to The Golden League
Successful Golden League return

Our history with The Flaming Wodkas FC is long and fun. Here is some of the best posts
I’m gonna make him an offer he won’t refuse!
EC10 & Psycho to Odense
Psycho: Much more and very special
The Celaj’s Reunite
Peroni addresses the press

Many images has been made since the start of this blog. Here is some memorable ones. The MSO bus and the wild hogs poster.
The first post here also include one of the first. If not the first live update from a match. Posts like that would later become known as MSO-TV and other blogs had their tv-stars and good looking studios too.
Golden League: VFJ vs MSO
Oink Oink – We Got Baconized

‘Goldenboy’ Paolo Baggio is a huge part of our history. Here is some post with him.
Spotlight: A new era begins
Baggio: Vorgaard is my inspiration
NBT in Scotland’s U20 squad

Some players really set their mark on the team through the years. Here is a kind of MSO hall of fame on HU
Sam Mahmoud Abu-Aziz
Kim Kristensen
Alfred Burch
Serif Bosnjak
Sami Arsal: Psycho-Nator
Kenneth Ebbensgaard
Hasan Muhammed
Venkat Variar
Abdul-Aziz Al-Shamsi
Aldopaolo Peroni

and last but not least…. BITE ME/Sami-Gate
Psycho: Bite Me
Kotakis: A predetermined attitude
Odense leaving the Golden League?
Furious Psycho: Sicco Who?
Sami-Gate: “They are wrong too”
Simon and Sami

Hattrick United Press and Peroni-Gate
Coming soon