OAC Info

1. Administration.
2. Exhibition ground.
3. U18 training ground
4. All-weather pitch
5. U15 training ground
6. U12 training ground
7. U9 training ground
8. MS Odense Futsal
9. Tennis area
10. Sports Psychology Center

Welcome to Odense Academy Center

The Academy is owned by MS Odense and the facilities are used to find and develop the best players possible from Odense and the rest of Denmark. Mogens Lauridsen is the head coach at OAC and chief of talent relations in MS Odense and the one who has the daily talks with MS Odense manager Hojris and MS Odense coach Yannis Kotakis about the future talent around MS Odense. OAC also includes a sports psychology center where the physical therapy, doctors and the club masseur work every day. The administration also contains the scouts headquarters.

MS Odense has brought some fine players to the game since 2008 and from summer 2012 we finally started to use them on our own team. Players with the abilities like those Kasper Ørbæk, Carsten Bogh, Per Frank Byskov and many many more had will never leave the club again, unless we will get to many of them. In 2012 names like Jørn Müller, Michael Pettersson, Esben Dittmer, Magnus Primdahl, Johnny Sandberg and Arno Theisen is the new breed – The next generation – of MS Odense. Hopefully many other will follow them in the seasons to come.