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A Classic In The Making

“Goldenboy Paolo Baggio and Charlie Boy Charles Colbourne are big golden league names. They belong among names like Mikael Llosa, Sebastian Szolc and Rastislav Jelínek. Next week golden leagues best goalkeepers ever collide for the first time when Rochdale United host MS Odense at Springfield Park. 7 HTU Awards, 29 U20 games and 3 NT games are their accomplishments together. A meeting like that is a must follow. It is a classic in the making” Odense President Scavo told the local press in Odense after it had been reviled that MS Odense in the Greater Manchester area Tuesday evening.

“It will be like the master versus the apprentice. Like Rolling Stones versus The Beatles” the Odense boss continued. “These two goalkeepers won a HTU Award after season 46,47,48,49,50,51 and 52. The first 3 to Goldenboy. The last 4 went to Charlie Boy. Both players has international experience and still they are just 25 years old. There is no doubt that they are quality players and together they will take this game to a higher level” Scavo said. Goldenboy made his return to Odense earlier this week after five seasons with Scottish team Wolverine Blues. The 7,2 million dollar deal gave Goldenboy comeback at MS Park yesterday when Odense lost 0:1 to Park The Bus.

The Scottish goalkeeper formerly known as ‘The next big thing’ haven’t said much since his return but tonight he took his time to talk to the press about his comeback, the game against Rochdale and his future plans. “When i signed the contract with Scavo Sunday evening i realized that i have the record for clean sheets in Odense and i am still top 15 for players with most games in the beautiful white and blue stripe shirt. It is good to be back even though we lost yesterday. Now we must work hard on the training ground to keep getting better get some better results” Goldenboy said. He was asked about next weeks clash against Rochdale and Charles Charlie Boy Colbourne.

“Rochdale are a good team and they had some interest in signing me, but when Scavo called my agent i knew i was going back to a club i know very well. I am sure that i would have done great in Rochdale too though. They have a great coach and training facilities. I am sure they will be though to beat next season and many things relay on me for Odense to win. I know. Charlie Boy will also be quite a handful to handle for our strikers too. He is an excellent goalkeeper” Goldenboy said and continued to answer the questions from the journalists.

“Yes i am back in Odense to stay and also to make some dreams come true. I want to win more Awards. I want to win more trophies with Odense and i want to be the number one goalkeeper in Scotland. I want to play in the World Cup before my career end. I know it is a lot of big wishes. It will demand 100% hard work and dedication the next eight to ten seasons. I am willing to try though and it is why i am back here in Odense. To make my dreams come true”.


Goldenboy Is Back

After almost 83 hours of transfermania. MS Odense can now present 7 new players for the fans and followers of the club. The club can also confirm that former MSO U18 goalkeeper Wilhelm Duve has signed a pro contract with the mother club. The most prominent signing happened yesterday when Goldenboy Paolo Baggio returned to Odense after signing a contract with the club he left 5 seasons ago after a fantastic U20 career. “We are very proud to once again present Baggio to our fans” club president Pierpaolo Scavo told the press at MS Park Monday morning. “We presented him as ‘The Next Big Thing’ 8 seasons ago. He was just that. He is a 3 time HTU Award winner and has played 28 U20 games. 3 games for the national team is also one of his many many fine accomplishments at the age 25. Yes he was the the next big thing who became a goldenboy in a golden era for MS Odense. When we sold him to Wolverine Blues 5 seasons ago we was payed a lot of money by Wolverine Blues from Baggio native country Scotland. The 6,3 million dollars was a lot of money. It gave us the money to buy Alfred Burch, Šerif Bošnjak, Ace, Sicco Botzen and to give Odense comebacks to Kenneth Ebbensgaard and Kasper Ørbæk. Those players are golden league and Odense legends but still something was missing. We wanted Baggio back to Odense but couldn’t afford him. He was for sale 3 or 4 times and after the last one we decided to go for him if he came on the transfer list again. He did Thursday evening and with little money in the box we had no choice than to sell almost the entire squad. We did and managed to sign Baggio on a 7,2 million dollars deal. This is a very good day fro MSO and we now have a goalkeeper with international class. That will come in handy 2 to 3 seasons from now”.

Naturally Paolo ‘Goldenboy’ Baggio will once again wear shirt number one.

“We have lost a lot of good players too. Diaa Zaabalawy was a player we had high hopes for and we know he will do well in his new club. Glue Glove, Rizwan Kadar and Rotoklis will also always be players we will remember as good representatives for the club. Last but not least we wish Kevin Józsa all the best in Raszkow. We know he can contribute a lot to the positive future at camp Peroni. When many players leave. Someone has to come in to replace them. We are happy to have found 4 talents and 2 more experienced players to complete a small but very interesting squad. We are very happy to welcome the Bulgarian midfielder Georgi Alexiev. We are sure that he will have a positive impact on the youngsters in the squad. I would also like to welcome Cid Queiroz from Brazil. Cid has the skills you expect a good Brazilian player to have and even though he isn’t a technical player he is still very good. Cid is also the most experienced player in the squad. He will celebrate his 30th birthday next week. Hopefully that will be with a good start here in Odense on his mind. The 4 talents we have signed comes from defferent parts of the world but we are sure that the will do well and that we can evolve their talents some more. MS Odense has had a lack of headers in resent times but we have now signed Tommy Borgström from Finland and hope to get some more corner+head. In Germany we have found a good technical talent in Wim Kriutz. He will be one to look out for next season. That goes for Meyir Kurbanov too. The technical player from Kazakhstan was the first talent we got our sights on and he is a player we expect a lot from in the future. It was a pleasure to have a powerful player like Rizwan Kadar in the club. Very useful and we wanted to replace him immediately. That brought us to Lebanon. We found the powerhouse Youssef Hawa there and hopefully he will settle nicely here in Denmark and become a good defensive player” Mr Scavo said.

Baggio will make his return on the pitch later today when Odense play against Raszkow in HTUM challenge trophy. Cosimo Testi is the only player out of the squad because he has a long time injury.


Project Baggio

Tonight MSO president has announced that he will try and make the most expensive transfer in our clubs history. The reason is to bring back the most prominent player to ever represent the club. “Project Baggio is on and the next 69 hours will show if we will make it” Scavo told the press at MS Park in Odense earlier tonight. “But we can’t do it without selling out and therefor we need your help. Honestly! We need some of your money. So please drop by our club and see if there is the player you have been looking for. Prices are fair all the way”.

For the next 69 hour MS Odense will update this page with transfer news and hopefully we can succeed and sign our club legend Sunday evening.

6/3 21:40: The Londoner Tricolor has made a bid on Pakistan midfielder Rizwan Kadar.

7/3 8:00: 59 hours to deadline – Rochdale United has made a bid on Goldenboy and there has been no further bids on Odense players since last night. It will come down to the last few minutes if i get the chance to made the bid and i might not even make it because my deadline is 2 hours later. Exiting transfer days here in Odense.

7/3 09:15: FC Loo from the Nederlands has placed a bid on Doc Afaeaki. Still need a little beneath 6.000.000$ to make it.

7/3 14:30: F.C.Chewbacca has made a bid on Glue Glove with 52 hours left to complete the mission.

7/3 22:00: The has been a lot of activity in the last few hours with more and more bids coming in. There are needed with only 44 hours left to deadline of Baggio. Since the last time Raszkow Revival has been active and made two bids on Doc Afaeaki and Kevin Józsa. I was expecting them to go for Doc and Keld Simonsen so i was a little surprised to see the bid on Kevin. Cyprus wingback Nestoras Rotoklis is also on his way away from the club. A bid on Łukasz Chrzan and 2 to 3 strikers will give me enough money to get Goldenboy back to Odense. It is not mission impossible.

8/3 14:45: Lots of bids has come today so far. The fight to get Kevin Józsa and Doc Afaeaki has raised the price for Kevin to 800.000$. That is good for MS Odense. Olympique Cancé has made a bid on team captain Fabrice Cottaz – 1.4 million$ more and the bid for Goldenboy can be made.

8/3 22:50: It has been to quiet but finally someone is interested in more players. A club has made a bid on both Sebastian Merreot and Łukasz Chrzan. It also gives MSO a chance to make a bid and we did it 20 hours before the deadline.

MSO still have the best bid on Goldenboy – 10 hours to deadline. Damien André is on his way away from Odense. Fishlime from China has made a bid very early this morning.

**** Updated 9/3 09:20 ****