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Scavo’s 10 Teens

“We must get the job done this time. I believe in it. Bosnjak believe in it and Hojris believe in it” MSO president is talking about his old B2B project. A project to make box to box players and building a team for the team and not for individuals. The project has been going on for some months now and even though MS Odense is losing quite a lot these days the project is still on and has even been improved lately. 2 very talented youngsters, Ali Kathem from Kuwait and the unpredictable Guruskanthan Mukkamalla from India, is the new talents in the class and they are good talents.

“We had assembled 8 quality talents and put them together with some homegrown players and Sami as the top player in the club. Then we got some injuries and also we wanted to add one more quick player to our squad. We decided to change the squad a bit. Anton is now our number one goalkeeper and then we got space for Kathem. I got a phone call from Kotakis in Tharangambadi. He had found this big India talent and we decide to go all in on Mukkamalla. He has a lot to prove now because he is the most expensive talent the club have ever bought. We do believe he will grow and become a very important player for us. We are sure that we will pay our money back in wins and success in 2016″ Scavo told MSO blog when we meet him Thursday evening to a talk about his new team.

So who are they. Scavo’s 10 teens? One powerful from Romania, Alfred Postovoi, set to become the future defensive midfielder. Ali Kathem from Kuwait and Henrik Raal from Estonia bring the speed. Akim Manapov from Kyrgyzstan and Malik Mbala from France will hopefully be know as Odense Air Force because of their head specialty. Guruskanthan Mukkamalla from India and Yuya Sano from Japan will bring the unpredictable type of play on the field while Sweden’s Saksin Thepworasuk, Belgium’s Geoffray Ophalvens and Ettore Loprieno from Italy have to entertain the spectators with the technical skills. All talents with an age from 17,006 to 17,060 but do they have what it takes to become the real stars of Odense. If you ask Scavo the answer is yes.

“We have been lucky in the league so far. We have 8 points for in 9 games. We expected none. We have one Golden League win this season. We expected none. The players has already proved that with some hard work and a lot of luck they can surprise our opponents. When we reach 2016 we wont need luck to get the wins and when we start the GL8 playoffs MSO will be there and we wont be no walkover. Not for Rochdale, X-Team, Falcons, KKK or any other possible Golden League opponents. We are on a mission. 2 out of 16 months has gone since we started this project. We like what we have seen so far and we will finish what we have started. This is by far the most talented squad we have ever had. All that matters is the work rate on the training ground. What happen is the matches is only a bonus. That is what it has been like for to months now and that is what it will be like in all of 2015″ Scavo said.


A Sign From The HT Gods?

Was it a sign from the HT gods? The draw against Los Mejores Futbol Club in the Dean ‘The Guv’nor’ Yates Testimonial Tournament.

MSO once again has a young squad. after only 14 days in the club Godot Federer and Alishaer Bo’riyev went home for Christmas and they wont return to Odense. Rumors swirling around high salaries, poor scouting and lousy planning by coach Bosnjak and president Scavo but the club as no official statement regarding those rumors. No matter what the sporting management can’t complain about the big effort made by the players on boxing day.

Los mejores Futbol Club was the opponent in the last group game of the Dean ‘The Guv’nor’ Yates Testimonial Tournament. Both teams had lost the previous games to FC X-Team and Horus Falcons so there was a lot of honor on the line as none of the teams wanted to leave the tournament with 3 losses. None of them did…

MSO was in the new green Carlsberg outfit and as all of you know. Green is the color of luck and MSO was hit by luck when Kay Lundt found a way through the Brazilian defense and scored the first goal of the game, with only 12 minutes to go. Los Mejores refused to loose though and 5 minutes after Lundt’s finest moment, João Roberto Caçapava scored and the match ended 1:1

“We were lucky and maybe it was a sign from the HT gods. Maybe we don’t need a lot of stars. Maybe we need to let the talents grow and accept to become stronger as time goes by instead of thinking here and now all the time” Sami Arsal said after the match.


Merry Christmas

To our friend and followers. Yes even to you Mr Nunez. MS Odense wish you all a very merry christmas. We wish joy and happiness to you, your family and friends and also good luck in the the games to be played this Christmas.