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Merry Christmas

To our friend and followers. Yes even to you Mr Nunez. MS Odense wish you all a very merry christmas. We wish joy and happiness to you, your family and friends and also good luck in the the games to be played this Christmas.


Roger Federer At MS Park?

The local press was in a hurry as rumors said that the worlds best tennis player ever Roger Federer was attending the evening training at MS Park today. Rumors was right. Switzerland’s biggest sport attraction was in Odense, not to sign a contract and start playing for MSO, but tot accompany his unknown second cousin when he signed a contract with MSO. Godot Federer will celebrate his 26th birthday this week and he has been signed to help Sami Arsal on the teams midfield and he is happy to be apart of the “Duck To A Swan” project. “I was happy when Mr Burch, Mr Scavo and Mr Bosnjak approached me and told me about the clubs interest in me. Odense is looking for the right direction to go in relation to the club’s future trainees. I am here to stabilize the midfield and i look forward to join Sami in that process” MSO new number 7 told the press earlier tonight – Second cousin Roger also spoke to the press attending the training. “Godot is very determent to do well here in Odense and it looks like a good place for him to continue his career. Odense will also get a very good player who might got a reputation as a nasty fellow, but he is actually a nice guy. On the field he will do everything to win though and you will all see that very soon” he said to MSO_TV.

Odense’ Club President Pierpaolo Scavo was also present and had this to say. “We are happy to have signed a contract with a player as good as Godot. He is jyst as good as Sami and Sami is the reason for Godot being here. Sami has been here once before and he was also with The Flaming Wodkas FC. Two clubs whom often need to battle for secondary places. Both Sami and the club wanted to change that and therefor we toke action and is starting all over. Good players will be leaving us these days, while many many in the early 17s have joined the squad. Those young guys join our the best homegrown we got and a few strong players has been added to the squad. I might not make a big difference in the league this season, but we will be geared for the golden league” Scavo said.

The former MSO and FC Runenberg striker Alfred Burch was also at MS Park to welcome Godot Federer from his native country. The Alpine Express was a part of the negotiations and is delighted to see the deal go trough “Godot is a very solid playmaker and he will do the team good. I was the one who scouted him in Spain and when we got a chance to sign him almost 600.000$ below the average transfer price we went for it. I must praise the management of the club for taking the situation seriously. We need to get MSO back into the better half of the golden league and we want the trophy in season 8. This weeks transfers show that the club are serious and willing to spend money on both good talents and reinforcements. We got 7 new talents to the club. They where defeated by the pirates last night, but we saw a future in that match. A good future. We just need a little more power around the field. Godot is one of them and Alishaer from is another. To come here from Uzbekistan is a big step, but we expect him to do well from day one. Hopefully he will score his first goal on Sunday becuase we bought him to score our goals” the former top scorer and golden league legend said.

Sami Arsal was supposed to be attending the press conference too, but mister psycho-nator wasn’t in the mood to play a good guy after last nights defeat. MSO blog caught up with the temperamental midfielder after the training. “I think we did what we could last night. We were vulnerable with all the guys on the field. We knew it could end with a small defeat and it did. I have no problem with that, but i hate to lose” Sami said before his was confronted with the bad attitude from Cape Verde Pirates president Nunes after their win last night. “Nunes who?” Sami said with a sarcastic tone in his voice. “He is nothing. You wanna know the real Nunes? A lowlife who won some money in the lottery and now he think he is god of football and that he can manage a golden league club?. Man let me tell you mister Nunes. My old friend Peroni know how to run a club. You are nothing else but a… wallows in cheap women, drinking bad whiskey … You remind me of fat bastard! Yes that is what i will call you from now and on – Fat bastard! Call Peroni because you don’t know what you are up against. Trust me” Sami said before heading for the locker rooms.


From A Duck To A Swan

Christoffer Lyngsø

He is only 17 years old but still the former MSO Younglings captain Christoffer Lyngsø is now the captain of a team of young talents and the infamous Sami Arsal. MSO blog has had a talk with Lyngsø about the start to the season and what we can expect from the team this season. This is the first of many articles about how to turn the ugly duckling, MS Odense , into a beautiful swan. A swan that want to fly away with the Golden League 8 trophy in 2016.

“We know when we have a chance. Then we must grab it and get some confidence and some points” he started and continued “We must be realistic though and know that there will only be a few wins this season. It is natural with a squad like ours, but the potential of this squad is looking good and with some luck we might start to get some good wins in the spring of 2015″ he said. Young Christoffer is captain of a team without strikers and defender but they work hard to change things he said.

“We have a good goalkeeper in Alfredo Stacul. He might not be a Charlie- or a Golden-boy but he is young and he is very talented. We also have many good young talented midfielders. Hana, Sami and Andrea is among the top players at the moment but Sanda, Salin and myself also has a lot to offer to the team and i am proud that mister Bosnjak has chosen me as team captain” He said and praised his teammates for showing good team spirit in the cup games Wednesday afternoon. “We took a big beating Sunday against Vollsmose and we needed to work even harder in the game against TheConners. We did and we won. The win came late but we won. Sami was the man of the match. He assisted me when i scored the first goal and he was cool and relaxed when he hammered the penalty shoot into the net only minutes later” he said.

The club got a new logo this week thanks to vgrille. The symbolize the ugly duckling turning into a swan. The logo combine the work coach Bosnjak has to do with the squad at the moment and it is also to tell that the club comes from the same city as poet and fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, born in Odense in 1805. Captain Lyngsø like the new logo. “There is a lot of story in that logo. To make a good future we must have a good past. Hans Christian Andersen is a part of our past here in Odense. One we are proud of. Today Sami helps Sanda, Salin myself and many others to build a past that is so important to get a good future. The club has always had big ambitions, they still do. Sami has them, Stacul has them, Hana has them and mister Bosnjak still has them too. We want more than the club has been able to do in the past. We want to become a part of a proud history alongside other local talents in the future. To be able to do it, we have to make a real strong foundation. That is what we have started and what we will finish together”.