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MSOU18 becoming OTF?

There has been quiet around MSO for a long time, but the work by legends has been going on in silence, and now the work starting to show on the field – Especially at Serif Bosnjak’s School Of Excellence and in HTUM Division II. MSO U18 has been losing frequently for seasons, but in the current there has only been one defeat in 8 matches and some sector ratings are at the best in our 34 seasons history for the academy.

12 U18 matches since september 3rd, including 3 friendlies, has giving 8 out of the 20 best attacking ratings for MSO U18 – With 4 of them being the best ever. Fairly good players and top talents in a mix is responsible for the current success and half of the squad with specialities and luckily that include the top talents. It is not a guarantee to succeed but the chance to do something great and make a new positive history is there.

Former MSO players and legendary figures from this blog and the golden league are behind this development. Scavo i academy coach. Bogh, Lundager and Ørbæk do the scouting. Bosnjak, Burch and Baggio make the overall decisions in training and election of training and talents. Players that have done it all on the field in the past. Now their knowledge is being passed on to the next generation.


GL Shock: MSO Defeat Tranquebar

MS Odense shocked the India sister club Football Club Tranquebar when the two clubs meet at Šerif Bošnjak Arena in Odense. A decimated home team won unexpectedly over a club with a bigger budget and better players. MS Odense has made big changes to the squad in resent weeks and are still not set for the upcoming season.

3000 fans followed the match live and it was a match of international standard. The two teams have 131 U20 matches and 39 NT matches combined and spread over eight players. MS Odense got the best of it with a surprisingly easy 3:0 win in a match with two defensively oriented lineups. Odense played an unexpected 5-3-2 formation with Armenia goalkeeper Shmavon Dolmayan playing a big match and stopped counterattacks by Tranquebar’s Sudeep Bokil and Hyun-Min Ko. Dolmayan had good reason to be proud because Hyun-Min Ko was rewarded with the HTU Award Forward of the Season before kickoff. If coach Joakim Morgansson had any doubt about the quality he has in goal it was gone after the match. Odense has two talented and strong goalkeepers.

“We are proud of the result today” Morgansson said after the match. “Kenmogne and four with a past in our academy should have been tested more today, but they helped Dolmayan to a clean sheet. They controlled a match against a better team, so even though they obviously tested some new things today, we can and must be proud of this win”. The coach also promised the fans of MS Odense, that the club ain’t finish getting an interesting squad together for the next season. Assistant coach Alfred Burch also confirmed this in mixed zone after the match.

“Players are coming in and out of the club at the moment. The plan is made and being fulfilled at the moment. Our academy will keep filling up the squad with the club’s best talents from a dedicated work at the academy, and in addition I’m think i am aloud to tell you that we’re working on getting some exciting new names to the club in the coming week” was the words from Burch.


Often Imitated Never Duplicated

February 28th 2018 was the end date of a fantastic journey started September 11th 2011. Goldenboy Paolo Baggio has to retire because of injury in the golden league XI debut against FC Prague Slivers – A more than worthy last opponent for a player with a great career and a celebrity like status. 38 years and 21 seasons after the road to Scotland U20 started. HTU Awards, NT glory and Hattrick Masters; Baggio did it all and only his Masters match was not reached with his favourite club MS Odense.

Many great matches has been played by Goldenboy but the most memorable was played July 25th 2012 at Ecaterina Teodoroiu. The home team FC X-Team was the host of the Golden League match where Baggio scored his first goal of the total nine he reached. A classic moment in Golden League as well as Baggio career. The HTU Awards won and the battle of the top goalkeepers against Charles ‘Charlie Boy’ Colbourne is also unforgettable and part of both players, and a federation, legacy. Only the perfect ending with a Charlie Boy versus Goldenboy farewell match is missing. Who was the best? Charlie Boy might have won that competition but the headline fits Baggio, because there have been many great goalkeepers in Golden League through the years, but not as Baggio – Often Imitated Never Duplicated.

Paolo Baggio has entered MS Odense Hall Of Fame, but has also joined the MSO staff. The club is proud to be able to set such a strong lineup of legends behind coach Joakim Morgansson. We are delighted to present Šerif ‘Mr GL’ Bošnjak and Goldenboy Paolo Baggio as an assistant coach duo alongside Alfred Burch and Kenneth Ebbensgaard as medic and form coach.

So even though a big career end now, you have not heard the last of Goldenboy Paolo Baggio