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Revenge aiming for back-to-back titles

Revenge is poised to mathematically clinch their 2nd straight IV.1 title with any combination of a win or draw against FC Intifada, or Cleveland drawing or losing vs Sunnyvale.

Realistically, Revenge have already secured the title, as they currently hold both tiebreakers (Goal Differential and Goals Scored) over Cleveland by +12 and +14 respectively as well as holding a +3 cushion on points.

The champagne stayed on ice yesterday, because the manager didn’t feel comfortable celebrating while there is still a chance to lose the title. HTRF is too big of a gorilla to tempt with an unwarranted celebration.

FC Intifada has announced their intention to relegate from IV.1, however Revenge will not take that to heart and prepare just as hard to secure their rightful place in III next season.


It was fun while it lasted – Round 11

In the Quarterfinals of the US Cup, Revenge took a 2 goal lead on the #1 ranked US team, yet couldn’t hold off the stronger and more experienced Major League club and bowed out of the Cup with their heads held high – click this link for the match report:  (424397837)

Before the match, the Revenge manager baited the manager of Primetimers by telling him that “he was going to go out with guns a-blazin'”. Jashaz was of course inferring that with the combination of the home midfield bonus, a high Team Spirit, and the upcoming MOTS that he was going to use, a MF grab was in the cards.

Fortunately for Revenge, PrimeTimer took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Revenge rolled out a 5-3-2 CA for the first time in real competition this season, and by dedicating resources to MF that otherwise would be used in attack or defense, Primetimers allowed Revenge to charge out to a halftime lead that, unfortunately, they promptly relinquished as the second half began.

Although the game didn’t go their way, Revenge exits the cup a prouder and more experienced team, with designs on an improved performance next season.



Never Rebuild – Always Reload

There have been reports that the manager of Revenge has decided to change things yet again and sell their most important assets. This is categorically false. We are selling 2 of our players for their benefit, and wish both players greater success than they would have if they stayed with the team.

James ‘Patsy’ Cline has been with us for 3 1/2 seasons, during which time he has blossomed into a fine dual PM/Wing threat. He has helped Revenge immensely during his time, and is sure to do well in his new team.

Lucien Mistler is a product of our Youth Club, and has grown into one of the USA’s finest young Wing threats. His quickness combined with his Winger abilities has put him on the short list for the USA U20 squad. His abilities will be maximized at his new squad.

Meanwhile, Revenge will reload with new talent, increase the training for existing players, and continue their success now and in the future.

Next Cup victim – the Div III Hippos of Houston.


Revenge off to a fast start in Season 51

The boys of Revenge, historically not known for their fast starts, have blasted out of the gate with 2 straight impressive wins. Their 5-0 win over Intifada and their 4-2 road win against Shabby marks 2 straight wins over teams that finished in the top 4 last season.  Additionally, Revenge have succeeded in advancing to the 4th round of this year’s America’s Cup.

Next up are this year’s upstarts, Primrose FC. Primrose is a very dangerous squad with an unpredictable manager that likes to use different formations. Osman88 (despite the universally despised numbers at the end of his name) is a very capable manager that I have had dealings with in the past in another Federation. His competitive bent is second only to mine, and he is undoubtedly thirsty to prove his worth against the reigning champions.

We must be wary of their capabilities, since they have 2 players that are members of their countries’ National Teams on their roster. WE cannot take them lightly.

2 injuries in last night’s Cup match didn’t help things either – Cote might be back for Sunday night’s match, but new arrival Greg Shearer won’t be available until the road match at Cleveland.

As for the Cup match, it should be an eminently winnable game.  However, last night’s game against the Bulletheads proved to be more of a struggle than it needed to be.  The manager’s drunken blatherings of “hit ’em in the middle” were taken by the team as “Attack in the Middle”, which almost proved to be their downfall.  After the match, the manager bleated that “the middle” that he was talking about was the net, not the pitch.  Chalk another one up to luck.


Defensive lapse leads to defeat

In practice and before games, Revenge’s manager makes it a point to repeat his mantra: “Play the whole game”. The result of Revenge’s promotion qualifier match (410223784) shows why that is so important.

A defensive lapse by pressed-into-emergency-defender-service Vardis Dimarelos in the 89th minute directly led to the only goal of the game. Dimarelos was thrust into the game due to the injury to regular defender Melle Das, and provided decent coverage until the last minute of the game.

The other defenders (Luz Bartels and coach Santrino Steffan) were rushing to cover the middle ground left open by Dimarelos’ unfamiliarity with the defense when the FC Charlotte player fired home the winning goal.

The Revenge faithful were disappoint, but vowed to improve and try again in Season 51.

Hopefully the team can turn a couple of the draws into wins, giving them the ability to once again try to rise to Division III.


Two Games to Go!

With 2 games left in this thrilling and bruising season, Revenge continues holding on to their slim 1 point lead in Series IV.1. They have a very rough road ahead, away at Tritones, then home to the ever-dangerous Cleveland squad.

“Tritones is not a team to be messed with – they would relish nothing more than to spoil our chances to be shot of this league!” belched the manager in between quaffs of Belgian ale. “Then we have Cleveland, who can beat anyone and everyone if they put their best team out there. Or half of their best team. Hell, they’re just good!”

In this reporter’s opinion, it will take all of the manager’s skill, luck, determination, and guile to come away with the points required to win the league while still remaining viable for the qualifying game that awaits the series winner. Only the FSM knows if he’s up to the challenge.

Series rival FC Intifada has a sure win against league doormat Rams (sorry!), then a tough road match against Shabby.


All Good Things Must End

Even One Life to Live had to end at some point, and so too did Revenge’s unbeaten league record.

Revenge put on a pitiful display this 26th of November, and rightfully lost to FC Intifada 2-0. The manager was evidently so disappoint that he skipped his normal post-game whiskey sour and went straight to drinking Southern Comfort from the bottle.

The boys of Revenge went back to lick their wounds and await their opportunity to redeem themselves in the managers’ eyes.

Either that, or they realize they had gotten used to not having the manager drunk before Wednesday, and they don’t like it much. They’ve resolved not to make that mistake again.


Surprising Revenge still Unbeaten

After a fantastic run of luck, Miowara’s Revenge has somehow finagled their way into not only 1st place at the halfway point, but an 8 game in-league unbeaten streak going back to last season.

“Dude. Smoke and mirrors is all I have to say” bleated the manager when asked about this fantastic feat. “Good luck, no major injuries, and our improvements where it counts is all I can say”. The manager quickly walked away after that comment, muttering something about snake oil and selling something devilsh…

This reporter can only hope that this run continues, as the manager is much more jovial and much less prone to random beating of journalists when his team is winning.


After 28.571428% of the league schedule, Revenge in 1st!

Now that 28.571428% of the league season is finished, Revenge have been able to remain undefeated and top of the table. “You know, 75.352938% of the time when a team is in 1st place after 28.571428% of the season, they finish in 1st place at the end!” said the manager between mouthfuls of saltwater taffy.

“The real test, though, will be after 64.28571% of the season is finished – come talk to me about the standings then!”

This reporter never was good at Maths, so I figure I’ll pick a random week and ask the manager about the standings. Knowing the manager as I do, he’s probably drunk right now anyway and won’t remember a thing about this conversation.


Revenge still with a chance!

Revenge are faced with a situation that was not even in the thought process 13 weeks ago – they still have an outside shot of winning the league title.

Yes, unbelievable as it sounds, the first-year boys would need losses by Cleveland and Valdez, combined with a win vs. Shabby, in order to do the impossible. Long odds, but it’s better than the alternative.

We are not ready for III, but we’d take the opportunity if it presented itself.

Stranger things have happened before: See Season 48 in (8425) V.52, (376320703), which allowed us to promote to where we are, Season 43 in the same league, (298369229), which allowed us to take our 2nd league title, and our very first V.52 title happened also on the last week of the season due to this gem: (265974606).

I’m not saying it’ll happen again. All I’m saying is that the last week of the season has been very good to us in the past.