Revenge aiming for back-to-back titles

Revenge is poised to mathematically clinch their 2nd straight IV.1 title with any combination of a win or draw against FC Intifada, or Cleveland drawing or losing vs Sunnyvale.

Realistically, Revenge have already secured the title, as they currently hold both tiebreakers (Goal Differential and Goals Scored) over Cleveland by +12 and +14 respectively as well as holding a +3 cushion on points.

The champagne stayed on ice yesterday, because the manager didn’t feel comfortable celebrating while there is still a chance to lose the title. HTRF is too big of a gorilla to tempt with an unwarranted celebration.

FC Intifada has announced their intention to relegate from IV.1, however Revenge will not take that to heart and prepare just as hard to secure their rightful place in III next season.

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