Action-packed first week at the club

After FC Horsekick switched owners and started a new chapter in Southern Ostrobothnia as Myllytie Millers AFC on July 7, a lot has changed. A virtually unknown name even in the local football scene, Kalmarinho, was appointed as the new manager of the club. 40-year old Kalle Lämsä took charge as the head coach. The duo was handed a mixture of lower league players from the area. Ranging from 18 to 33 years of age, this group was previously left without a contract and happy to help kickstart the new project at Myllytie. 67-year old Mikko Hietasalo and 64-year old Tommi Pylvänäinen formed an experienced assistant manager partnership to help Lämsä guide the team through its inaugural season. Olli Romppanen, 48, was named as the club physio.

The team will play its home matches at the brand new Myllytie Mill arena. At 12,000 seats, the arena will be sufficient for the first steps of the club, although Kalmarinho was quick to mention the possibility for expansions in the future. Given the rate Ultra Millers, the team fan club, has been growing already in a week, these comments are understandable even at this early stage. The club will begin its journey where FC Horsekick left off, at the bottom of the Finnish football pyramid in VI.363. The league is ranked above average in the 6th division, placing 385th out of 1024. Currently four teams in the league are without a designated manager, which unfortunately tells something about the level Millers find themselves in. “The only way is up. We aim to the top and this is only the beginning. We will not take any prisoners no matter who we’re playing”, Kalmarinho boasted in an opening press conference on July 7.

A youth squad, Millers U18, was put together alongside the senior squad last week. The team will also play its home games at the newly built Myllytie Mill, hosting teams from around the world for people in Myllytie to see. This goes well with the club’s global vision. “Our senior team will gather experiences every week by playing international friendlies away from home. I see that as the perfect way to build chemistry within the team and make us a real hard team to beat. The higher you play, the more you have to work together and that’s when our experiences will carry us forward. This ideology will be printed on our youth players from an early age as well. The U18’s will battle in international leagues from day one to grow as both players and people”, Kalmarinho stated. Young players from the Ostrobothnia area will be scouted by Joona Ratinen (32), Iiro Ollikka (77) and Joona Linkoala (84).