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Still in the race

6 games have gone by and the table seats us in the 3rd chair with 12 points. So far we managed to win 4 games, including one against the Bronze medalist Poland. 6-3 from our lads after a great effort and a 0-5 away win in Nigeria! We are one of 3 teams with chances to qualify, it wont be easy but a chance is all we need! Up next we have Kyrgyzstan at home which will bring us to the half way point in the qualifiers. After that we will host South Africa and visit Ireland and so on, just like the first 7 games. Go Brunei Tebuan!


pos. country goals pts.
1 Germany 17:1 (+16) 18
2 Poland 21:11 (+10) 15
3 Brunei 14:10 (+4) 12
4 Nigeria 8:11 (-3) 7
5 Kyrgyzstan 6:12 (-6) 7
6 South Africa 9:15 (-6) 4
7 Kenya 10:18 (-8) 4
8 Ireland 8:15 (-7) 3

Good Start to the Qualifiers!


This Friday marked the beginning of the World Cup
Qualifiers and our first game was a hard one, away,
at South Africa, a team that was in our qualifying
group during the last WCQ where they managed to
finish 4th.
Fortunately we started this campaign with the right
foot forward and brought back the 3 points we needed.

Head to Head: (/Club/Matches/history.aspx?MatchID=345947527&...eIDs=)
Qualification Group 3
Home Team Away Team Link to match Result
South Africa Brunei (345947527) 0-1
Kenya Poland (345947523) 2-5
Germany Kyrgyzstan (345947524) 2-0
Nigeria Ireland (345947526) 3-1

Week 2 of the WC Qualifiers is coming up and it will find us at home against a team
that is somewhat familiar to us in qualifiers, having faced them 2 times before in
WCQ XII and WCQ XV. Unfortunately we have 4 defeats and only one goal scored against
the Irish in 4 games played. They have a new coach this season in medazza (8583207)
after long time coach GM-TyrantQ decided to pursue new challenges. In their first
game these qualifiers, Ireland lost 3-1 in Nigeria (345947526).

Head to Head: (/Club/Matches/history.aspx?MatchID=345947529&...47541)

Qualification Group 3
Home Team Away Team Link to match Result
Brunei Ireland (345947529) 0-0
Poland Kyrgyzstan (345947528) 0-0
Germany Nigeria (345947525) 0-0
Kenya South Africa (345947530) 0-0

GO Brunei Tebuan!!



The Image



After a long period of time the NT of Brunei has a complete set of branding materials. Our federation is proudly represented by the BNTTC logo, and our banner is sitting high on the NT page. This combined with the new blog will bring new life to the competitive NT.








World cup qualifying group!

Poland – New Coach
54 545 active managers entering season 34.
Reached the semifinals this last world cup and got the bronze medal, A performance they reached several times over their history. Best performance is silver in WC II.
We have never faced Poland before in any games.

Germany -New Coach(Former coach of Liechtenstein)
57 861 active managers entering season 46.
Finished 3rd in the qualifying group for the last WC. Best performances of course include winning the tournament in WC VIII and WC XIII.
We have never faced Germany before in any games.

Nigeria – New Coach
164 users entering season 26.
Finished 3rd in their qualifying group last season.
We have never faced Nigeria before in any games.

Ireland – New Coach
959 users entering season 34.
Finished 5th in their qualifying group last season. Was familiar with their old coach but he has decided to hang it up.
We have faced Ireland 4 times before, all games being in the World Cup, most recently two qualifiers ago. We have lost all 4 games against them.

South Africa – New Coach
269 users entering season 34.
South Africa finished 4th in our qualifying group last season. They will be our first opponent this upcoming WC.
We have faced South Africa 3 times in our history. During the last WC we drew once and lost one game. We also lost a friendly to them a long time ago.

Brunei – Old coach
78 users entering season 14.
We finished 6th in our qualifying group.

Kenya – New Coach(Was coach of Kenya in the past)
98 users entering season 24.
Kenya finished 5th in their qualifying group last season.
We have never faced Kenya before in any games.

Kyrgyzstan – New Coach(Former coach of NT Russia. Also coached U-20 Kyrgystan some seasons ago)
62 users entering season 23.
They finished last during the previous world cup with 0 points. The old coach tried to build a super generation for the U-20 and actually succeeded as the U-20 team qualified for the World Cup from first place in the qualifying group.
We have faced Kyrgyzstan once before in the world cup and we lost both games.


Hello world!

Today the NT of Brunei is the proud owner of a new Blog! As the NT coach I hope to have regular posts and keep you updated with our progress and events.