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Back on top!
With three victories in a row, Føroyar is back in the top ranks! Only 1 point behind qualification with a TS and TC that can do some damage again. The next challenge is at home against Venezuela: Føroyar – Venezuela (345948119)

Will it be the fourth victory in a row?

Back in action!
After a crazy period in real life which prevented me from updating HT United, I’m now totally back in action and ready for some more Blogs! So HT United readers be aware 😀


Føroyar is booming!

With saftevand leading the u20 to U20 World Cup Round II for the second time in history (B36arin being the first to achieve this 5 years ago), both HT Masters participants finus and Amtmanden succesfully winning their first round match and the NT winning their first two matches it is safe to say:

Føroyar is booming!


HT Masters round 1:
Kongeriget Danmark, for så vidt angår Færøerne 3 – 1 Zandunga (346489313)

In his first match Amtmanden had to face the champion of Argentina, even with home court advantage a tough draw! Luckily the conquering of the midfield, in combination with a kickass wingattack, was enough to send Zandunga home with a nice 3-1 victory. Great stuff!

Bainræakjin 3 – 0 Pawikan (346489301)

The current national champion of the Philipines stood no chance against the good allround ratings of finus! After a quick 3-0 lead the boys from finus could even hang back and professionaly finish the game. Not the least bit of energy was spilled leaving something extra for round 2!


HT Masters round 2:
Bainræakjin –  Atlético Sardiña (346657895)

A great champion from Bolivia is visiting finus for the second round match, several national titles and cups have been won by his opponent. However the big favourite this math is our own finus! We’re confident that he can win another match in the Masters and are looking anxiously to the draw of round 3 😀

Kongeriget Danmark, for så vidt angår Færøerne – Barbár FC (346657947)

The Hungarian cupfighter Barbar is coming to Føroyar to try and beat our Amtmanden in what looks to become a great battle! Let us hope that the home court advantage will be decisive here so we can see our national champion in round 3 of the Masters!


Venezuela – Føroyar

Oh yeah!

Like Hannibal himself said it, I love it when a plan comes together! Our brave team travelled all the way to South America to play Venezuela on their home ground. They were allowed to play their own game, control the midfield, but everytime they got close to our goal we defended like lions! In the beginning of the match they managed to get one in, but we never lost faith. Eikberg, Leo, Haberg, Gaard and Guðjónsson played a great match, and everything they couldnt stop had to go past Ramark! After the early goal Ramark didnt feel like allowing anymore goals…

In the meantime our veteran on the midfield Egilsnes and our technical skilled winger á Malarenda did everything they could to reach our forwards Nybo,Drãgulin and á Lakjuni. With quick passes they allowed our fast striker á Lakjuni to make several shots on goal. After several missed attempts á Malarenda went for it himself and scored the well deserved equalizer!

Guðbrandur á Lakjuni couldnt stand the fact that he missed he chances before and that á Malarenda was the one to score to first goal. With a tremendous rush he went past everything and everyone and managed to finish it with the 1-2!

Good old Jónleif Gaard then encountered some physical problems, luckily Højgaard was up to the challenge and helped the exhausted defense of Føroyar through the last bit of the match.

Final score: 1-2!


Føroyar – Eesti

A great start of the WC, a 1-0 victory on PIC against the strong competitor Eesti (345948087). The first match is always a challenge so I’m very glad we succesfully passed the test!

In the first round of our group there were two upsets! One of the biggest favourites Norge lost to the counter of Venezuela with great numbers 5-1! (345948084). Another upset was the WO caused by Shqiperia, giving Hrvatska an easy 5-0 victory: (345948083)

All in all this brings us the following standings: (/World/WorldCup/Default.aspx?cupId=137&cupSeriesUnitId=779)

This friday the away match versus Venezuala (345948090)awaits us, another big challenge to conquer!


NT Føroyar Møtiplássid

Welcome to the HT United blog of the NT of Føroyar!
First of all I would like to thank you all for your confidence in me, it is an honour for me to be leading the National Team of Føroyar the next two seasons. In this topic I would like to keep you all updated about everything thats going on with our National Team. Feel free to ask all your questions about the NT in this topic, and I will answer them as soon as possible. I will also use this topic if the NT is in need of help in the form of trainers or other kinds of help.

Fun topics:
Møtiplássid: (15104643.1)
Tips: (15118514.1)
Kit Designing Contest: (15120629.1)


World Cup:
This World Cup we’ll be trying to qualify for round 2 in group 13 (/World/WorldCup/Default.aspx?cupId=137&season=46&matchround=1&cupSeriesUnitId=779). If that groupnumber doesnt bring us luck, I dont know what does :)


Malta – Føroyar (345979583) friendly 1-0
1. Føroyar – Eesti (345948087) 1-0
2. Venezuela – Føroyar (345948090) 1-2

3. Shqiperia – Føroyar (345948095)

4. Norge – Føroyar (345948097)
5. Føroyar – Uruguay (345948101)
6. Tounes – Føroyar (345948106)
7. Føroyar – Hrvatska (345948109)
8. Eesti – Føroyar (345948115)
9. Føroyar – Venezuela (345948119)
10. Føroyar – Shqiperia (345948123)
11. Føroyar – Norge (345948124)
12. Uruguay – Føroyar (345948131)
13. Føroyar – Tounes (345948135)
14. Hrvatska – Føroyar (345948136)