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2012년3월9일 한국-몰디브

해트트릭 포메이션의 정석! 3-5-2로 나선 대표팀과 수비적인 4-5-1 포메이션을 들고나온 몰디브의 경기였습니다.

전반전 상대팀에게 경고를 얻어낸 것 이외에는 오히려 전반 40분 세트피스 상황에서 가까운 쪽 포스트로 날라온 헤딩슛은 한국팀의 간담을 서늘케 합니다. 53%의 점유율을 가져간 한국팀. 하지만 0대0으로 전반을 마칩니다.

후반 시작 후 한국은 기술이 좋은 소용형 선수가 상대 수비를 농락했지만 골을 넣는데 실패합니다. 불운하게도 한국팀은 중앙 수비가 뚫리면서 실점하고 맙니다.

두터운 수비를 갖춘 몰디브를 공략하지 못한 한국팀은 더 이상의 공격찬스를 갖지 못한채 경기를 끝마칩니다.

이번 경기는 불운하다고 말할 수 밖에 없습니다. 상대팀은 utopian(19) 수비력을 보여주면서 오른쪽 측면만을 강화했습니다.

이에 한국대표팀은 측면공격을 예상하고 양쪽 측면을 강화하는 수비를 보여주면서 TDF와 FTW를 사용하면서 측면을 공략했습니다.

허나 특수이벤트 하나를 제외하면 공격찬스가 없었을 뿐만 아니라, 상대편은 weak의 중앙공격력으로 대표팀의 brilliant 수비를 밀어내고 골을 넣었습니다.

첫경기. 거기다가 홈경기였다는 점에서 이번 패배는 매우 가슴이 아픕니다. 하지만 상대편의 전략을 거의 정확히 맞췄다는 부분.

그리고 운이 없었다는 부분을 제외하면 다른 경기에서 더 좋은 결과를 이끌어 낼 것으로 보입니다.

by Aaron-


2012-03-09 vs. Dhivehi Raajje

On a partially cloudy day in Seoul at the Stade Louis II stadium, 89543 eager Korean fans turned up for the first game in their World Cup qualification campaign. After the last campaign had ended in a very disappointing 8th place the fans were glad for a fresh start and hopeful optimism filled the arena. Harald_Bohr has been working very hard in the build up towards todays game along with his backroom staff. Scouting for all positions had been taking place for the last week and a half and the initial squad was finally decided upon. It was now down to the players to produce the goods. Opposition scout kalanaama had had a tough week. Its the only week in the campaign when you don’t know which players the opposition has in their squad. However the Korean management team had successfully predicted that todays opponents Dhivehi Raajje would go defensive and would probably go with a 451 formation. This turned out to be correct. They also maximised their defence ratings by going with a defensive coach. Scoring for Korea today was going to prove difficult!

The first half was very quiet. One booking and one chance for the opposition. However manager Harald_Bohr was pleased to have 53% possession. Sending out his players for the second half he was optimistic of taking victory. Unfortunately that didn’t prove to be the case. After a good chance for Korea on 50 minutes through a Technical SE Dhivehi Raajje broke Korean hearts three minutes later with an oppurtunist strike down the middle! That turned out to be the last incident of the half :(

Rumours were rife that the reason a weak central attack managed to score against brilliant central defence was that goalkeeper Kyung-Hyun Lee was being chatted up by a member of the Japanese girl group “Perfume”. Kyung-Hyun Lee denied these rumours by saying “I was 100% committed to the match today. I was not distracted at any time. The fact I’m going out on a date tonight with Ayaka Nishiwaki is pure coincidence!” So a disappointing start to the campaign for NT-Hanguk. However Harald_Bohr in his post match interview played down causes for concern by saying ” There are still 13 matches to play. This is almost 93% and many chances to get what we deserve or even what we don’t deserve”.

Our next game is away to Azerbaijan. Korea were a little unlucky today. I think a draw would have been a fair result. On another day we may have been the ones to nick a goal. Hopefully in Baku we get the wink from Lady Fortuna :)

By tominwivenhoe


Hello world!

The first blog of the National Team of Korea (Hanguk) is now established.

Have fun and don’t forget to cheer for our team. 대~~한민국!