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Lario are trying to sell this great defender, I suppose the salary is a disturbing factor?


Kyle the Keeper

The owner of Kyle has now set up a fielded team after receiving a warning from the GM’s. However we cannot force him to train keeping so he will be told that if he does not play ball, Kyle will be removed from the SA NT team, that will have a disastrous effect on his wages.


Munthali SA NT Defender

Munthali has transferred to LARIO’S STARS Italy (1525147) for R44.7 million.
Have PM’d the owner to discuss training.


Names, Names and names, Dr Moderately Evil has had a name change, he is now Dr Depraved!

Originally when starting this game I was known as Dr Jung, amateur gynaecologist and chief rotie taster. For those who do not know what a rotie is, it is an Indian, no not Red Indian, delicacy from Durban South Africa.  Actually it can be found all over South Africa, including Cape Town where I have the pleasure of residing.

Under severe pressure from on of the previous SA NT coach’s, I decided to take on a more evil persona, I then changed to Dr Moderately Evil, in the hopes that it would improve my own teams performance. It did not so I tried for plain Dr Evil, only to find that some other evil sod had already taken it.  So I used the synonym of evil, namely Dr Depraved!

This name got me elected as the SA NT coach.  South Africa has not has an illustrious start to the qualifiers, but then again I am a self confessed noob.