Meet the team

While the NT manager takes on the responsibility of team selection, tactics and so on, he is ably supported by many in the USA community to ensure we get the best team possible. Here are some of our prime assistants.

Robash "The Tash"


Not to be confused with Goodwill


Everyone loves a good suit








From the left we have Robash, Redwill and Taketoshi  securing our backline and flanks.

It's there in Black and White


Shady indeed


Our resident Ozone chef








Taking care of possession, scoring and specialties we have ‘050505″, Real Tim Shady and O3 Cook.

The man in the shadows

Scouting Coordinator

The Man in Black

TL Scout

Dan the Man

NT Manager








Scouting duties fall to these two gentlemen, Rdanholz and Badassican, and of course our team manager Dan.

About art-frisson

Art Frisson is the manager of Arzt Schnell, a team currently residing in Div.IV of the USA. He spends a lot of time with statistics for the GMC fed and organizes the GMC Youth Cup.