On a wing and a prayer

Everyone loves a good suit
Asleep on the job again.

Scout Profile

Taketoshi – Wingers

Taketoshi is new to the NT/U20 game, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting in the way everywhere. As winger scout, he’s got his hands full. “I can’t tell the difference between a WTM and an IMTW,” admits Taketoshi. “I pretend like I do, because it’s my job–I swear I’m not racist, but they all look the same to me.” With the training speed increase, T. has recently found his job becoming more complicated. “A lot of younger players have real talent, and it’s harder to separate the younger generation from the older generation in terms of skill. The coming World Cups will be a confusing mess.”

Asked about his role beyond scouting, he says, “Occasionally I offer some tactical feedback to our NT and U20 coaches, but mainly it’s bad. Recently our U20 ran a 4-4-2 CA in a key match that didn’t turn out well. After the fact, nobody could figure out where the idea came from–turns out it was all my fault. Stupid whiskey.”

About art-frisson

Art Frisson is the manager of Arzt Schnell, a team currently residing in Div.IV of the USA. He spends a lot of time with statistics for the GMC fed and organizes the GMC Youth Cup.