USA Player Tracker

As you’ve probably seen on the HT USA forum, we have a new Player Tracker, developed by Hightech (9299093). It’s a superior tool to HT-world in a key way – it automatically updates your players week-to-week after you’ve logged in once. The site is, and I’d encourage anyone who has the time to please log in and sync your players with our database. If you have any questions about its operation, please feel free to HT-mail Hightech. I really appreciate Hightech’s work on this tool, he’s put a lot of time and effort in to it and I hope to see it turn in to a competitive advantage for the USA.

I do encourage users to continue using HT-World,, as there will be some players that fall through the cracks of either and

About art-frisson

Art Frisson is the manager of Arzt Schnell, a team currently residing in Div.IV of the USA. He spends a lot of time with statistics for the GMC fed and organizes the GMC Youth Cup.