The boys did it!

Nurmiksen Pojat, youth team of Klaukkala Bears have won the HTUM U18 Championship for the second time in club history and continue dominating the youth series. But this time the championship did come easy – FC Silver Juniors and KKK made it really interesting till the end.

Nurmiksen Pojat was the defending champions when the second season of the top youth league was about to start. Like Lupachuk has said, it’s not easy to be the favorite to take the title again and try to focus on winning the games. However, the league kicked-off really well as the young lads defeated Langer House Yuva 1-4 away. Anyone wasn’t expecting so one-sided game and that surprised the manager as well:

To be honest, I did not expected that we are so dominant in this match. In my opinion, Yuva has excellent, game-winning squad in they hands so this definitely is a big surprise for me – although positive one.

Next week they faced Young Charlemagnes twice in a week. First in friendly and later in league. After the great win Nurmiksen Pojat may underestimated they opponent and the friendly ended to a goaless draw. That was clear reminder to a club board that there is no easy games. The manager changed the tactic a little bit and that work – 0-4 win from Poland was comfortable result and but the manager wasn’t sure at all how it would end. In the end, he was happy man:

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The friendly against them few days earlier was a good reminder that we have to play every game as it would be our last. And as a defending champion we have to keep the flag high. We did what we have to and I’m happy for the result.

The team defeated FC Silver Junior next week 5-2 which was really important three points. Next week they faced KKK in thrilling encounter which was expected to be decisive match regarding the championship. KKK took 2-0 home win and increased the gap to three points between the two teams. The manager was confused about the performance of the boys:

This weren’t their best games. Not even close. We are the defending champions and we were told to the boys that the team who gets three points are closer to be crowned to a champion in the end of the season. Maybe they had some pressures. I don’t know. They are just children and we have to remember that.

It clearly showed the board have had a little chat with the boys because of the great head to head victories from Manse JR. At the same time KKK was defeated by FC Silver Junior and Nurmiksen Pojat was back in the driver seat with better goal difference. But next week the KKK were about to come a short visit to Finland. And this time the boys did not let the visitors to go away with full points. The match ended to a 2-2 draw and Nurmiksen Pojat maintained in the first position in the league standing. Meanwhile, FC Silver Juniors were closing the gap for the two leading teams.

FC Silvers had to take full points from next week fixture against the league leaders to stay in the championship fight. The match was close – really close but the home side was decide to win the match and on the 85th minute Tomáš Karban got through the defenders and put the ball to the back of the net. Final result 2-1 meant that the Czech were equally points than the Nurmiksen Pojat and KKK had.

The championship was yet again decided during the last two rounds. In the 9th round, the finnish side faced the polish team Young Charlemagnes which had made some serious stuff on the pitch. They had won both FC Silver Juniors and KKK twice during the 10th round season and were clearly came to to Finland to look for the 3 points. But the finnish side was ready. They knew young polish team was defeated both title contenders and if they would have won it, the championship would have slipped from the hands of finnish team. However, Nurmiksen Pojat took 5-2 victory and stayed in the driver seat and only one match reaming against the 6th placed Yuva, the team was almost renewing the championship. But, there was still one game to win where anything can happen:

We are not there yet. We have difficult game ahead of us against the Indian side. We don’t know whether they have got any new players to starting eleven. They have strong team. As I said in the first round, they have very good team and may be the title contenders this season. They have had just bad luck this season. We have to play with our strengths and hope that it’s enough for the win.

And it was. Nurmiksen Pojat defeated Langer House Yuva by six goals and secured the championship for the second time in consecutive seasons. In the final standings the finnish side won the title by having better goal difference than the Czech team, FC Silver Juniors. Club manager was delighted for the victory and the championship.

This is a great feeling! Defending the title successful was our main target this season although we knew it would not be easy. The boys deserves to be on the highest podium. They have done great job during the long season and now it pays off. I wan’t to congratulate KKK and FC Silver Junior for the fight till the end. I’m happy the be part of this great community and youth league. We will celebrate holding the title few days and then start to concentrate for upcoming season in HTUM U18 Championship.


KB news: ARP made his GL debut

Aarno Ranta-Pere, recently promoted youngster, made his Golden League debut at Bear’s Cave last Tuesday. Long waited dream debut may have ended badly but in the end everything went OK.

Aarno Ranta-Pere was full of excitement when he walked to the pitch wearing KB jersey for the very first time in his career. The stand was cheering which made it even more special for the young gentleman. The match itself went as the others until in the 29th minutes Ranta-Pere got only yellow card due to the referee’s kindness from bad tackle in midfield. After the first half, Renaissance FC was in 0-1 lead.

In the second half defenders Koivikko and Torres was struggling with the opponent’s fast players. Especially with the young finnish winger Markus Svärd who built up all three goals of RFC being one of the difference makers on the pitch. Meanwhile Aarno has nothing to do with these goals.

KB-TV was at Bear’s Cave in that memorable night. Reporter Tero Niemi:

” The atmosphere has been amazing during the whole night! Despite home side’s lack of finishing the growd was come to see how future star, Aarno Ranta-Pere does in his debut. And you can see that: Every time Ranta-Pere touched the ball the stand went crazy.”

Jaakko Torni from the studio:

”Have you had a little chat with him after the match?”

Tero Niemi:

”Yes I have. He said that he was so thrilled before the match that couldn’t believe it’s really happening. The first 30 minutes were difficult to him being nervous and he was struggling a bit but after relaxing he started to play at his level and did not let the crowd confuse him anymore. He was a little bit disappointed to his performance but was happy all went well in the end.”

Jaakko Torni:

”Great! Now other news…”


Seniors will face FC Siuntion suhahdus tomorrow at Bear’s Cave and every point is more than welcome in the relegation fight. However, league leaders are expected to leave the city with three points. Currently Bears are in sixth positions in the league standings with only single points separating them from the seventh position.

League standings

League standings after 12th round


YL Championship will be decided today as the last round of the HTUM U18 Championship is going to take place. Nurmiksen Pojat will face Langer House Yuva and victory and following three points would mean the team wins the top league of the HTUM Youth League system in consecutive seasons. Let’s have wingers crossed.

Youth League standings before the last round

Youth League standings before the last round


Are you ready to rumble?!

It’s time for another GL and HTUM U18 Championship! Youth League started last week already but now it’s time for Golden League! Schluurggi and FC Rünenberg will come to a visit and the organizers are doing their best to arrange special night for the visitors and of course – for the fans. Couple days later Lee will host when KB’s Youth team travels to Poland. It’s the second time the teams faces each others in 3 days and the 0-0 tie between the two on Monday will tell something about the encounter. 

Golden League encounter between Bears and Rüneberg

Both Klaukkala Bears and FC Rüneberg are placed  fourth in their domestic leagues having both two wins  and  losses. It’s the first time every in Golden League  history when these two teams heading each others.  However, it’s expected to be very interesting  encounter and the fans have been talking about this  match for many days now. They really are looking  forward to it. It will be also the first time when GL  fixture will be played at renovated Bear’s Cave.

 “It’s going to be special night for all of us. We haven’t played against Swiss team ever and having opportunity  to host them is just great. Away team would be slight favorite but we will do everything we can to bring some joy to the minds of the fans and the players. The opponent will never get easy points from here and this is not an exception.” Bears-manager Lupachuk told in the press conference.

On Thursday the club board is supposed to go to RFC Training Grounds where another exciting encounter takes place. Last meeting between the two ended to a draw and the defending champion have to give 110% to take the 3 points from Poland. It’s not going to be easy but Timo Saukko, the head coach of Youth Academy is confident about the match:

“It’s never easy to go overseas to a country where we haven’t never been with the boys. Although the seniors have faced this team several times. Anyway, seems like the boys are very excited about the trip. Their confident is high and as defending champions they will give everything they have to bring full points back home.”

Elias Lehti got injured

Elias Lehti got injured

Team have to deal without their new talent, Elias Lehti, who got knee injury on Monday and have to keep a little break from football. Young talent injured in his debut in Nurmiksen Pojat and that made the coach very sad:

“It’s always sad when you see young talent gets injured – especially when he is playing in his debut. Moreover, he is one of the promising talents we have in the team and that makes it even more difficult to deal with.” said Saukko on the club’s official website.

GL fixture will take place at  Bear’s Cave at 20.25 HT-time this evening and the U18 HTUM Championship encounter at RFC Training Grounds at 19.00 HT-time.


Fourteen difficult weeks

Klaukkala Bears will go to upcoming season as a underdog with another team called idiootit. Bears will face this particular team in first round away home. Match is going to be tight (I guess) but Bears-manager is confident about the result:

”Of course it’s going to be exciting encounter but we are ready. Every point will be important and away match against them isn’t an exception” said Lupachuk in a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Team squad will be weaker than last season as they sold all three midfielders at the end of the last season. Now youngsters will get more responsibilities – especially on midfield. Club are not going to spend any money this season and training is where they are going to put more money in next few seasons.

”We made a big mistake when we spend so much money to improve our squad. We should have bought more trainees. Now we would have been in 7th league a little bit longer but we would have had stronger team than we have now. We wan’t to avoid relegation and we will do everything to avoid it but the rest of the teams are so strong and hard to beat that it will be almost impossible. We are looking for a miracle, literally”.

Team will face a bot in Suomen Cup today which should be easy we for them. However, cup-run is expected to end in second round. According to the manager – there is only one reason to that:

”We have weaker team than last time we competed in the cup. I don’t know who we will face in the second round but I have a bad feeling about that. We need money – and we will get some but we are looking still for a miracle” manager Lupachuk repeated.


Lookin’ good!

After a disappointing start of the season, youth team have won three matches and tied once. This week the youth team traveled to sunny Australia where they supposed to face Piglet Hunters, youth team of Pig Hunters. Last week Australians were managed to get a draw at Green Park but this time manager Lupachuk stated: ”That’s not gonna happen this time..”

Teams were fighting hard and first goal was seen in 27th minutes only by the home team. It was quite interesting thought. At least finnish manager was surprised. However, away side didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for the equalizer. Mikko Lind past the opponent’s goalkeeper and put the ball easily to the back of the net! After the equalizer, home side became desperate and away side took the control of the game.

Second half started and in the 50th minutes, Antti Salmivainio scored a goal after a great solo. Only four minutes later, future star, Jani Ruuska scored a decisive goal. Home side managed to scored once but it wasn’t enough as Nurmiksen Pojat took 3 points by 2-4 win.

Next week KKK is coming to Green Park. Two weeks ago they suffered a bitter loss to the finnish team at home and will be very hungry for those 3 points. However, with a win the home side could take the driver seat in the league if MS Odense 18 (who is, accoeding the manager, making comeback) wins current leader, Manse JR.

Do not miss the round! 2.2.2012 at 20.00 HT-time!


The last game of the year

Nurmijärven Palloseura have lost two matches in a row and may have to forget of winning the league. Today they will face Sidereum AC at Sidereum Stadion. First meeting end up to a 4-0 win for the ”Reds”. What’s going to happen this time? 

Players after the second loss in a row
Players after the second loss in a row

Nurmijärven Palloseura have had big losses in previous matches as best goalscorer and FK taker, Jürg Niederbergerwas out three weeks. Also Jānis Treijs and Tivadar Hári were missing the biggest game of the season. Now they have most likely no chances to take the title. They are now fighting for the second position.

Today team will have full strength as Treijs, Niederberger has recover from the injury and Hàri suffered his penalty. The Reds have scored not a single goal in two weeks but according the manager, the direction will change.

”It’s been difficult for us. Before the two-game-loss streak we haven’t had lost a single game in a domestic leagues. We haven’t had injuries for a long time but everything changed three weeks ago. Two of our key players injured and result was that we haven’t scored since… It’s difficult to watch when the guys are struggling. Especially now as we had scored most goals in the league. We are in the first place in that standings despite our biggest threat and the current leader of the league scored nine goals behind us. Now we have the full strength and we will get those 3 points from tonight’s fixture. Losing is not an option.” said Lupachuk after a 3 weeks silence.

The last game of the year will leave a mark to the team’s confidence. After humiliation they wan’t to win desperately. Despite 4-0 win at Green Park three weeks ago, the opponent is always strong at home. Anyway, the away side have lost only one game away home and that was last Saturday against Mosan Pallo.

The last game of the season will be shown on HT-live at 20.10 HT-time.