Are you ready to rumble?!

It’s time for another GL and HTUM U18 Championship! Youth League started last week already but now it’s time for Golden League! Schluurggi and FC Rünenberg will come to a visit and the organizers are doing their best to arrange special night for the visitors and of course – for the fans. Couple days later Lee will host when KB’s Youth team travels to Poland. It’s the second time the teams faces each others in 3 days and the 0-0 tie between the two on Monday will tell something about the encounter. 

Golden League encounter between Bears and Rüneberg

Both Klaukkala Bears and FC Rüneberg are placed  fourth in their domestic leagues having both two wins  and  losses. It’s the first time every in Golden League  history when these two teams heading each others.  However, it’s expected to be very interesting  encounter and the fans have been talking about this  match for many days now. They really are looking  forward to it. It will be also the first time when GL  fixture will be played at renovated Bear’s Cave.

 “It’s going to be special night for all of us. We haven’t played against Swiss team ever and having opportunity  to host them is just great. Away team would be slight favorite but we will do everything we can to bring some joy to the minds of the fans and the players. The opponent will never get easy points from here and this is not an exception.” Bears-manager Lupachuk told in the press conference.

On Thursday the club board is supposed to go to RFC Training Grounds where another exciting encounter takes place. Last meeting between the two ended to a draw and the defending champion have to give 110% to take the 3 points from Poland. It’s not going to be easy but Timo Saukko, the head coach of Youth Academy is confident about the match:

“It’s never easy to go overseas to a country where we haven’t never been with the boys. Although the seniors have faced this team several times. Anyway, seems like the boys are very excited about the trip. Their confident is high and as defending champions they will give everything they have to bring full points back home.”

Elias Lehti got injured

Elias Lehti got injured

Team have to deal without their new talent, Elias Lehti, who got knee injury on Monday and have to keep a little break from football. Young talent injured in his debut in Nurmiksen Pojat and that made the coach very sad:

“It’s always sad when you see young talent gets injured – especially when he is playing in his debut. Moreover, he is one of the promising talents we have in the team and that makes it even more difficult to deal with.” said Saukko on the club’s official website.

GL fixture will take place at  Bear’s Cave at 20.25 HT-time this evening and the U18 HTUM Championship encounter at RFC Training Grounds at 19.00 HT-time.

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