Rising Tide v Orange Crush FC (0-0)

Another clash between the Johannesburg rivals ended in a nil-nil draw last weekend. The result was not good enough for auto-promotion, hence we have a tough qualification match next weekend to determine if we move up to Div3. The match was tough to gauge, and I had very little options coming into the rivalry game. I knew Rising Tide would use Match of the Season, he had nothing to lose, while I could possible have a match next weekend and couldn’t lose my team spirit by risking the same thing. With the passing on my team improved, I decided to try a counter-attacking approach, since I knew he would win the midfield. It seemed to work has we both got 4 opportunities to put away the first goal. Both of our keepers played exceptional, and the 6th meeting ended in a draw. I was actually very happy with the result considering the style I played. This last match wrapped up the season, as we walk away as back-to-back champions, winning the league by 5 points and going undefeated at the same time. We now focus on our qualification match this weekend, hopeful of a result. But if not, we will continue to build and grow in what has become a very tough division. I’ve very happy how our season has turned out, but we must not rest. We must continue to grow and build a great team in South Africa.