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Dragoes de Joanesburgo v Orange Crush FC (1-0)

This match was a tough one to swallow. We had the right to play a qualification match after winning the title for season 42. We decided to play a 5-4-1 and lose the midfield on purpose for the match. They like to always come out in a 5-3-2 and counter attack. Obviously to us they are training defending as they were not very skilled other than defense. The idea was to lose the midfield on purpose, so there counter-attacks were useless and¬†throw the game into a stall. Since I knew I couldn’t score during the actually match because there defense was way stronger than anything I have on offensive, I decided to try to play for a draw and win the game in a shootout. Apparently I gave up a penalty halfway through the first half, and that was the only goal of the game. I was very disappointed, because it looked my tactics really worked and that I had a real shot to maybe win the game, but in the end, our team was just not strong enough. Now I’m back into Division IV.6 to defeat my back-to-back titles. It will be tough, since our division has been so strong. We had a very successful campaign and look to improve the club in the off-season to make us very strong going into next season. I’ll be doing a recap of season 3 and the following week, instead of a post about our last match, I’ll be laying out our goals going into season 4. Thank you for everyone who supports Orange Crush FC!


Training 4/3/14

Training was solid this past session. We had 3 players improve in passing and all 3 are starters, which is a huge plus. Chris Grand and Hemang Rao my best 2 defenders both improved while my captain, Simphiwe Mutakanyi also improved. I was hoping for bigger improvements with more players, but I will not get greedy. I’m going to have to do a session on passing for a long period of time to get the improvements that I want for the club. Maybe a 6 or 8 week window and some point. But for now, I’m going to change the training to Set Pieces, since it’s the off-season. I would like to become the best Set Piece team in my division, just so I could have an advantage going into every¬†match I play. I will be doing Set Pieces the next 2 weeks, and then from there, we will start our Season 4 plan of training, which I will get into when I do my goals for the next season.