Season 3 Recap

We had a very successful year overall for Orange Crush FC. We grew as a club, and now the standard for our club is only getting bigger as we continue to move forward with our vision. I feel like our club is growing together in a way where we can take the next step and challenge teams in Division 3 very soon. Let’s take a look back at our goals for season 3 and recap.

Win the League: We had maybe our best campaign ever as we did not lose one match in our league this year as we took home the title once again. That’s back-to-back titles, but no auto-promotion as we lost a tough qualification match and stay in Division IV.6. It’s not a bad thing to stay in this division, since as a club we are not physically ready to compete in the next division, but the experience in the higher divisions is valuable and something that hopeful our club will look forward to.¬†Two titles in 3 seasons is a great start to our club.

Advance to Round 2 of the Cup: We had a decent draw, but honestly some how lost the game. It was one of those games which we had the control of the game, they just converted every single opportunity. It was disappointing because I would like to get to the next round for the extra revenue. A home match in the cup could have easily drew us 200k to put into the bank. That’s why it’s important to win cup matches, especially when you know your status in the league.

Buy a Solid Coach: I accomplished this, but slightly changed my plan on the type of coach I wanted. I was looking for a solid coach with solid leadership which would have cost me 2.55m. After exploring my options, I choose to drop a level in leadership to passable and only pay 1.75m. I felt the extra 800k was not worth the investment at this time, and used the money on other areas of the club. With the way the staff system works, in the end, I decided it was worth the gamble. Now I have a better skilled coach, I can only hope it will help my training.

Training: We choose to work on Playmaking and Defending for the most part of season 3. Playmaking was so-so at best. I was disappointed with the amount of increases we had, but in the end the most¬†important players got their training and that’s what counts. Defending was excellent this year. We had so many players pop in this skill, it has given me the confidence to go with an attacking coach because of it. Our defense, when players are in form, I feel is on par with everyone else in the league. That’s a huge plus as we decide to work on other phases of our game.

Arena: We weren’t planning on expanding this year because of our investment into our coach. But we made some adjustments and made more revenue then originally thought. With that, we expanded our stadium at the end of the season from 22,000 to 28,000. This will only grow our club much more and with the extra revenue that come with it. This was huge plus and a bonus from this year. It just goes to show you, when you winning, you have more chances for extra revenue streams.

Staff: Our staff was sitting on 18 people, with the idea that we would expand to 24 and the end of this year. With the new staff system in place this has changed. We spent 32k/week on a staff this year. Our goal will be to slowly increase that with the new staff system. After taking some time with it, our staff will increase to 43k/week going into next year. I’ll get more into what will we do as a club with our staff in our Season 4 Goals.

Overall, I would give this season an A. We won the title by 5 points and accomplished our goals and then some. As we look forward to the future, our club continues to grow into the right direction. We are very excited for what is happening with this team in South Africa. Thank you to all of the teams in Division IV.6 for being competitive and thank you to all the people who support Orange Crush FC.