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Season 4 Goals

We had a tremendous season in our 3rd campaign. We won the title by 5 points over our rivals Rising Tide. We now have 2 titles in 3 seasons, but we have yet to promote to Div3 as we have lost 2 tough qualification matches. This season will be the tough to date, since every team has gotten stronger during the break. I feel like we will have a decent shot at the title again but we will definitely have competition for it. Rising Tide, our rivals, probably have the best midfield in the division and will control most games from the midfield. Hopefully they don’t pull away too much or they will have an easy time disposing everyone in the division. 3Monsters is a very strong team that seems like they are training scoring. They play a very strong 3-4-3 and really test your defense. They have the most talent in the division (TSI) but have yet to put it all together to win a title. SAB Miller Mooks also has a great shot at the title this year, and probably has the best defense in the division. Can they get enough points on the road to clinch the title this division? FC German Springboks is a team that can ruin your title hopes. A extremely strong goalkeeper, but not a good enough team to win the division. If you drop points against this team, which is possible, you could lose the title. They aren’t a bad team, but all-around can’t win the title without some help. killer pirates, a newer team, played very well towards the end of last season. They could surprise a few teams and maybe finish in the top half with some surprising results. Soccer Teltow 75 has gone the route of training younger players and is probably still a season or two away from competing in this division. Mental Shooters will be that team everyone gets goals from cause they are the only bot in our league. The key is to try to get as much as you can to help your goal difference out to help your overall standing. In the end, I honestly think this season will be tough to repeat for us, but I think we can win the title, if we can get through the gauntlet of games ahead of us. Now for our goals for Season 4 for Orange Crush FC:

Win the League and Auto-Promote: Our goal this year to retain the title again, but also try to auto-promote. We have disappointed with the last two qualification matches, missing out even though we thought we should have made it through. It will be a very tough and lofty goal, but we expect this considering what we have accomplished the past two seasons.

Advance to Round 2 of the SA Cup: We had a very tough draw for the cup this year. It’s highly unlikely that we get through, but I would really like to advance if I could. Round 2 would give us a home match, and I would love to take the extra revenue home for our club. The extra revenue could be an excess of 200k for the club.

Training: We are working on scoring for the first couple of weeks as we look to try to improve our attack even more. We picked up an magnificent forward in the off-season and look to try to score as many goals as we can. I would like to improve more of our home-grown forwards and wingers as much as possible for this season. We might also do a little bit with wing attacks or playmaking depending on how we matchup with everyone else in the division.

Youth Academy: We have a couple of very talented youngsters coming into the fold for next season. The top 2 players that we are most excited about are Jeremiah Hamrick and Metsing Nunens. Hamrick is a player who has 5 inadequates in all he key places and is only 17yr. I can literally train him in anything I want. Nunens will be a player that comes up on his 17th birthday. He will have solid playmaking and passable winging with a head attribute. I could really turn this player into a winger, or even sell him and reap the benefits.

Arena: We have expanded on our arena this year and it now sits at 28k seats. I would like to place another 7,000 seats in by the end of this season to up our total of our arena to 35,000. I would really like to do this as our club only continues to grow and get ready for Div3. Eventually I would like to get my stadium to a seating capacity of 50k.

Staff: With the new staffing system, we continue to slowly grow with it. Under the old system we were spending 32k on our staff. We have decided to increase that number to 43k. That will gives us 3 assistants at level 10, a medic at level 3, and a spokesperson at level 4. Hopefully we will be increasing our assistants to level 12, our medic to level 4. This would be another 18k increase, which will be do-able as long as we continue to win and grow the club. In the end, we want to be making money every week.

I feel like most of these goals are very achievable this season. As long as we continue to grow as a club, I will feel like the season will be a success. Thank you for everyone who supports Orange Crush FC and good luck to all our teams in the up coming season.


Training 4/10/14

I worked on Set Pieces this past week with tremendous results. We had 20 of 23 players improve in that department. Everyone in Hattrick should be doing Set Pieces training this week because of the lack of matches. We will be doing Set Pieces for another week because there is only one game for the week of training. After that we will look at training scoring. We feel like we have a tremendous opportunity this year to improve some players that are a little weak with scoring. Also we feel like our defense is very solid and our midfield will be good enough for now. The season is upon us and training will be very critical as we look forward with our club.