Galilion v Orange Crush FC (0-3)

Our first match of the season was Round 1 of the South African Cup. We surprising took the game 3-0 after some bold tactics that we used. I decided to play a 5-4-1 and counter-attack because Galilion was so strong in the midfield. The problem for them was only playing with 2 defenders as they played a 2-5-3. There defense was not strong enough to hold off any counter-attack and we hit them for 3 goals, 2 coming from Chris Grand. It was a very rewarding victory and gets us to the next round of the cup, where we will have a home match against an opponent who is vastly superior to us. The advantage for us is at least we are at home, and will reap the benefits through ticket sales. Depending on how our team looks, this could be used as a training match to get our players ready for the grueling season in DivIV.6. I was very pleased with the victory and our new coach, who claimed his first victory of his career. It’s a nice start to a brutal start to our season. We now get our rivals Rising Tide in the league for Week 1. At least it will be at Orange Crush FC Arena, which now stands at 28,000. It would be very nice to sell that match out following Round 2 of the South African Cup. After those 2 matches, I hit the road and go to SAB Miller Mooks, which will be a very tough match. Hopefully things will fall our way and if we can walk away from that with 6 points, then we will have a great shot at winning the league this season.

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