Orange Crush FC v Rising Tide (4-1)

Another chapter in the rival started the 4th season in the league for Orange Crush FC. We were very focused on the big game and needed a nice result to begin our campaign. We did just that turning in probably our best performance as a team to date. We dominated the action from the match, as Rising Tide surprised all by playing a 5-2-3. We easily took the midfield 80-20 along with the tempo of the game. The inexperience of Rising Tide in that formation also helped the cause and we will able to pass 4 goals by there solid keeper Felix Hollander. The result was just what we need, as we had to defend our home turf. 3Monsters crushed SAB Miller Mooks in there matchup, showing that they would love to contend for the title this year. The league has gotten off to a thunderous start and now we look ahead to a cup match mid-week and a tough away match at SAB Miller Mooks. I’m very pleased at how our season has started out of the gate. Along with some good training, we could really put together a historical season for Orange Crush FC. Guido Torroni, our new coach, hopefully is what we need to get over hump. If we can have him improve our young players this season, we will only grow together as a very powerful unit in South Africa. A huge win against our rivals this week, maybe will give the boys enough confidence to move forward and stride for another trophy this season.

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