Season 43 Week 7

We played 3Monsters in a critical game this week for our division. I decided to come out in a 3-5-2, mostly considering 3Monsters likes to play a 3-4-3 and attack the middle. I needed to strengthen my defense, even though I’ve been loving playing my 2-5-3 lately. I felt like I was in control for most of the game, until my team decided to fall back and just play defense. That really hurt my offensive ratings for the match and I gave away a second goal because of it. Overall it was a very important win for us. We collect 3 points at home and keep a slim lead in the division. Everyone else had very comfortable wins this week, which will put some pressure on us going into next week. I’m hoping for a few upsets going into next week, so we can have some leeway going into the final weeks of the season.