A Cup Win For The Ages

When Head Coach Oto Ocvar and his players arrived to face Man Unighted in today's 4th round cup tie, he found that a mix up in squad sheets had left Pcase United with a formation of 4-4-1 against a much fancied higher division side. Rather than be daunted by the task at hand, the 10 players who took the field showed that they alone were strong enough to win.

For large parts of the match, Pcase were the better side, carving out several clear chances, but still falling behind. At 0-1 down in the final minutes however, winger Anton Vilka took it upon himself to square the ledger from the spot, and from there, the fairytale took it's shape.

Substitute and marquee signing Li Jing Leong, who's value for money had been questioned by fans, had entered the game with fifteen minutes remaining, but it was not until extra time that he was to write himself into club folklore. In the 97th minute, he managed to grab a winner against all odds, that players, fans and officials will never forget.

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