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Back In Business

After several months absence, and the loss of the previous Pcase United team, the club can confirm that it is finally open again for business. Winning titles is the sole aim of the management, and it is hoped that within 5 seasons we can have a strong squad that is ready to compete competitively in Div. IV.

Stay tuned.


Fighting Spirit Alive and Well

At 2-0 down against second placed Maroon FC, and with Captain Edmund Landray sent from the field for a second bookable offence, fans could be forgiven for thinking that the game, and league safety were both slipping away.

However, goals from Salanova (70) and Lucas (76), sparked a heroic revival, and secured a very handy point, which has lifted the team to 6th place. With Pcase notching up a record breaking seventh win this campaign, and without a home victory, the cut throat ‘relegation scrap’ decider this week against Azzuro provides a golden opportunity to secure a home win, and go a long way towards a playoff spot.

Although without front man and captain Landray, many fans and officials are optimistic.


New Name for a Great Club!

Pcase United management are on the verge of changing the name of the club for the final time on Saturday. The new name, which is being kept under raps until its unveiling, is said to be ‘close to home’ for the owner, and puts to rest the season of procrastination regarding the name change. “It is said that with a new name comes a loss of history, however, we as a club feel that it provides us with a fresh start heading into the new season”. A club spokesman revealed.

A decision is yet to be made on the past press announcements, and whether they will be edited to only have the new name, or whether they will in fact remain with the old name. It has yet to be confirmed 100% whether the change is going to be made to the club name at all, however it looks likely.

Stay Tuned.


Official Statement Regarding – Alex Hindmarsh

The loan of legend Alex Hindmarsh is an issue that has divided many members of the Pcase United community, from fans through to players, and we believe that it is in the best interests of the club to hold onto the services of Alex heading into next season. The main reason for this, is recent advice from leading experts who have recommended that Hindmarsh be promoted to manager at the conclusion of next season given his leadership ability and extensive experience.

Lone Prong Athletic are understood to be desperate to re-sign Mr. Hindmarsh, and it is obvious that from a playing perspective, he would be far more important to their side than ours. With this in mind, we have decided to give several options to the management of Lone Prong Athletic.
1. Up the loan fee for Hindmarsh to $80,000
2. Have the option to take the services of either 19 year old striker Willy Johnson or defender Miroslav Vietor for one season only. They are both valued at 10-50 thousand each.
3. Purchase, on a permanent deal one of three players currently for sale.

We are conscious of how important Alex Hindmarsh is to Lone Prong Athletic, however we simply feel his true love lies at Highbury Lane, wearing the number 12 jersey in front of the fans who have been with him through his 176 appearances. Further statements will be realeased in the near future.


The Unseen Quests of A Division 5 Side.

This blog site is dedicated to my beloved Hattrick side Pcase United, who currently sit atop V.226 in Oceania. It has been an amazing season to date so far, with a momentus win in the opening round which has set up the run to the title. After falling short twice before, and playing in our 6th season in this series, the chance to finally take on the teams in a higher division is a fantastic prospect.

Though I’m sure I will only get a few visits on this page from time to time, I will be providing updates on how the side progresses, and big wins, transfers or admin decisions.

Stay tuned..


A Cup Win For The Ages

When Head Coach Oto Ocvar and his players arrived to face Man Unighted in today's 4th round cup tie, he found that a mix up in squad sheets had left Pcase United with a formation of 4-4-1 against a much fancied higher division side. Rather than be daunted by the task at hand, the 10 players who took the field showed that they alone were strong enough to win.

For large parts of the match, Pcase were the better side, carving out several clear chances, but still falling behind. At 0-1 down in the final minutes however, winger Anton Vilka took it upon himself to square the ledger from the spot, and from there, the fairytale took it's shape.

Substitute and marquee signing Li Jing Leong, who's value for money had been questioned by fans, had entered the game with fifteen minutes remaining, but it was not until extra time that he was to write himself into club folklore. In the 97th minute, he managed to grab a winner against all odds, that players, fans and officials will never forget.