“So the MSO manager thinks I need medical treatment?”

That was the response given by essenn upon reading the Truth Will Set You Free article by MOD-Hojris.

“To start off with, I don’t care if he is a MOD or not – all references to the title MOD will be dropped from now onwards. Hojris is just plain Hojris as far as we are concerned… that’s how we first met him, that’s how we’ll continue treating him!”

“Getting back on topic… it was MS Odense that stated their ambitions of winning the GL2, was it not? Am I right, or did I read it wrong? Why else would they accept the Pig Hunters’ challenge, other than the so-called ‘guaranteed 3 points’ from one of last season’s worst performing teams…”

A clearly agitated essenn then added; “Yes, we lost the V.95 title last season, but we lost to the better Club. We have always supported the Rosemeadow Royals and continue to do so to this very day. To say we lost ‘the energy’ against a very powerful Royals team is quite disrespectful to Rosemeadow… but I’ll leave that to Hojris to explain his comments to Robert_SWS.”

As the team boarded the plane to Danmark, essenn stuck his head out for some final words. “I promised that there would be 4 former Piglets playing… I’m still waiting to hear as to how many MSO U18’s will be on the pitch. So much for your MSO U18’s!  And you can call us Cowards until the cows come home – the fact remains that MSO is after the GL2 title, and are playing against a weak GL opponent … who exactly are the ‘real’ Cowards here?”