Pigs the ‘Pride’ of Victoria in V.95


Pig Hunters 2-0 Jugs:  A capacity crowd of 42000 at Pirelli Park saw the Pigs take out the 9th edition of the Victorian Derby. With both teams occupying the top 2 positions in V.95 going into the game, it was the Pigs who had the first chance to score but Magnus Adelørn’s shot went wide. Jugs hit back straight away with a counter – Mohd Azaruddin Abd Hamid’s attempt however sailed way over the goals. Half an hour in, and Pirelli Park exploded into life when Reginald Mercurio scored a goal with a chip from outside the penalty box. Both teams had a chance to score after that, but the half-time score was 1-0. The second period was rather dull – typical of a high stakes derby. Apart from a number of substitutions by the Pigs, and an unfortunate injury to Jugs defender Geiges, the only highlight was a goal to out-of-sorts striker Denis Škapa… just 5 minutes after coming onto the pitch! With that, the Pigs ran out 2-0 winners to remain on top of the League.


A capacity crowd at Pirelli Park for the Victorian Derby


“A Derby game is always dangerous, especially when its 1 v 2. So to come away with a win is extremely satisfying”, said manager essenn after the match. “Its was good to see Škapa score today, and young Arthur Scotney played another blinder. But I’m very concerned at the moment for Kip Chudasama, his form of late has hit rock-bottom… if anyone can tell me how to restore his confidence it would be greatly appreciated!”


Goal Summary:

1 – 0 Reginald Mercurio 30′
2 – 0 Denis Škapa 80′



In Other News:

– Recently promoted from the Piglet Hunters, young Tommy Donnelly is all set to continue his career away from the Club. With an early transfer bid already accepted, only time will tell where he will end up playing. Good luck Tommy!

Mateusz Litwin’s days at the Pig Hunters seem to be numbered. With the Pigs needing to free up a training position, it’s been decided by management that Litwin will be the one that has to go.

– On a more positive note, work has begun on the expansion of the Clubs stadium. “Currently, Pirelli Park holds 42000 – we’ve decided now is the right time to increase the capacity to 52000. We are looking towards the future, and with an ever increasing membership base, the current stadium needs an upgrade”, said essenn.

“Also, we are looking at the possibility of re-naming the stadium. Whilst Pirelli Park sits well with the sponsors on our shirt, we want to get away from the corporate bullshit that is dictating terms across the football world… so if you have a suggestion of what the new stadium should be called, we would love to hear about it – just leave your comments below and we will consider it :)”