Campbell pleads for a bit more time


Pig Hunters coach Tom Campbell has made a passionate plea to essenn, asking the manager to let him continue on in the top job until the end-of-season break. With Campbell’s last official game as coach coming up this weekend against Orca United, the gaffer has requested to stay on just a little bit longer…

“I have been in charge of the Pig Hunters for six seasons now. During this time, I’ve been a coach of the Oceania NT, had some decent Oceania Cup runs, survived the great financial crisis last season, took the Pigs to div III, and introduced a number of home-grown talents into the senior squad. I’ve enjoyed my time here and have no regrets at all.”

“For the past three season, we’ve participated in GL5. Our Cup run this season meant we couldn’t play any qualifiers, but we somehow managed to sneak into the GL Masters. Now that we have reached the semi-final stage, I would love the opportunity to see the quest for GL5 glory out to the very end. I know my last game in charge is this weekend, but I ask essenn to please let me finish the job and lead the Pigs in our battle against Rochdale United. Don’t let me go just yet, I still have unfinished business before I’m done…”

Campbell - hoping to still be the coach for the GL Masters!

Campbell – hoping to still be the coach for the GL Masters!


Although nothing has been released by the Club, it’s understood that essenn will grant Campbell his wish and let him continue on as coach until the GL campaign is officially over. Only time will tell…