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Back on track!


Having been away from the Club for most of the season, essenn today announced his official return back to the Pig Hunters. The press room at Satellite 15 was packed full of reporters and supporters eager to find out what the manager had to say about this seasons’ off-field shenanigans…


“I’ll begin by admitting I made a huge error in judgement when appointing Ova Dunn to oversee the management of the Pig Hunters. I believed at the time that he would be the perfect person to handle things, but that was clearly not the case. Over the course of the season, he has almost destroyed the Pig Hunters brand. The ‘Fluffer-Gate’ scandal was when I realised that I had made a grave mistake, and that I needed to do something to fix the situation. Being away from the Club, I needed some outside assistance… that’s why I employed the services of Stelio Kontos, to help fix the problem. And he certainly did that!”

“Some have said that it was an over reaction and a bit heavy-handed, others have even suggested it is proof that the Aussie Mafia actually exists. But most of the hardcore fans and supporters have supported my decision. Let’s face it – if Ova was allowed to continue on, he would have destroyed the heart & soul of the Club. He was clearly on a power trip and needed to be put back in his place! Having said that, Ova is still a Legend of the Pigs, and as a Club we will not forget the contribution he has made over the seasons. As such, I am re-instating Dunn as Club Secretary… once he has fully recovered from his injuries.”

“Unfortunately, Ova’s actions have somewhat damaged the Pigs’ reputation… so the task now is to rebuild the Pig Hunters brand. Firstly, for the remainder of this season, Kontos will remain at the Club to help drive out anyone who could potentially tarnish the Pigs even further. Secondly, we have re-employed all the ‘fluffers’ that were given the sack and have back-paid the trollops for the weeks they missed for not doing their job.”

“And lastly, as a peace offering to all our disgruntled supporters, we offer you this video clip for your viewing pleasure… the Pigs are back on track!”


*NSFW  (I hold no responsibility if you decide to watch this at work… you have been warned!)



** Catchy tune, hey!  So how many times have you watched it?  😉



‘Maintenance man’ to the rescue…?


Ova Dunn, the man who was left in charge of the Pig Hunters for the season while essenn took time off to look after the Camberwell Cobras, has decided to stand down from the position – effective immediately!

Dunn had traveled with the team for the match against Auckland FC New Boys in New Zealand (which resulted in a 2-1 loss for the Pigs), but not long after the match finished he quickly vanished from the stadium. Although his whereabouts is currently unknown, some disturbing images of Dunn have emerged over the past few days.

And just this evening, Dunn issued the following Press Release…

“With much pain and sadness, I hereby resign as manager of the Pig Hunters. From the start, I always felt that I was capable of not only leading the Pigs for the season but also of changing the culture around the Club. It appears however that I took things a step too far, and for that I am deeply sorry. I became power hungry and thought I could change the world… I now understand that I’m a nobody when compared to essenn. To all the players, Club officials, supporters & fans of the Pig Hunters, and to essenn especially, please accept my sincerest apologies for being a massive flog over the past 8 weeks. I have well and truly learned the painful truth of my actions. I hope to remain as Secretary of the Club, with essenn’s permission of course.”

Ova Dunn – looking a little ‘beat up’ following his resignation



News of Dunn’s resignation has not come as a shock, but his condition afterwards certainly has raised a few eyebrows. Many within the hierarchy at the Pigs believe that recently appointed ‘maintenance man’, Stelio Kontos, was an influential figure in both Dunn’s decision to stand-down and his current appearance. Only one person was prepared to make an official comment, and that was coach Tom Campbell

“Did Stelio do this? Yes, I believe he did. And for what it’s worth, I’m delighted he bloody did it! That prick Dunn almost destroyed the heart and soul of this Club. Good for nothing piece of shit, that’s all he was. I’m glad he’s gone – with him out of the way, we can now regain some lost focus and get the Pigs back on track.”


When asked about Dunn’s downfall, essenn only offered this…

“I’ll be sending Stelio Kontos away with the team for this weeks GL4 clash against our rivals MS Odense… seeing as I don’t have a manager to take care of things right now, it makes perfect sense for Stelio to make the trip to Danmark. Once the lads get back, I’ll assess the situation and make a call as I see fit.

And oh yeah, get well soon Ova. Call me when you have recovered and we’ll discuss your future at the Pig Hunters!”


Stelio Kontos – trouble ahead for MSO?




Oh please no, not… Stelio Kontos!


With the Club still reeling from the fallout of the Fluffer-Gate scandal, reports have emerged today that essenn could be returning back to the Pig Hunters much sooner than expected.

Having stepped aside for the season to overlook his newest venture, it’s believed that essenn has finally lost patience with all the bullshit changes & in-fighting that is happening at the Club.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, reporter Billy Sewell has it on good authority that the manager has employed the services of Stelio Kontos to help regain control of the situation.


Stelio Kontos – from klinko’s to the Pig Hunters?


It is still unclear as to whom exactly essenn is targeting, but it would be safe to say that Ova Dunn is no.1 on his hit-list. When asked about the rumors that Stelio Kontos could be joining the Pigs in the near future, Dunn had this to say:

“I don’t know who this Kontos character is, and honestly I don’t really care. I’m in charge here – I’ll do what I want. I won’t be bullied around by essenn or anyone else… matter of fact, I’m the one that will be doing the bullying around here! This is my season, and it’s either my way or the highway. If certain people have a problem with that, then they can go and get stuffed!”

If the speculation is proven true, then it seems that Dunn (as well as others around the Pig Hunters, including anonymous) may shortly be requiring some help from the Club doctors…


Stelio, Stelio Kontos..

Stelio, Stelio Kontos..




Fluffed about the Cup


The Pig Hunters have once again crashed out in the early rounds of the Oceania Cup, following this weeks 0-1 loss away to Undertaker Fc. The result means the Pigs exit the Cup at Round 5, 2 weeks short of the Round 7 target that was set by manager essenn before taking his leave of absence for the season. While it’s believed that many within the inner sanctum of the Club know exactly why & where the Pigs failed, no-one has been willing to share their thoughts publicly.

However, late this afternoon Hall of Fame member and sports journalist Billy Sewell received a phone call from a person who wished to remain anonymous. According to Sewell, the caller was quite disheartened about the situation and laid the blame squarely on Ova Dunn’s shoulders. Being the shifty journalist that he is, Sewell recorded the call and offered the following snippets of the conversation to the ‘Blog’…

Billy Sewell – digging up the dirt


“Billy, we’ve known each other for quite a while now, but you didn’t hear this from me, ok? I don’t care who you tell, just don’t mention my name – coz when essenn finds out whats happening he’s gonna fuckin flip!”

“Remember back in the early days when we used to travel by bus to the away games – the Bang Bus we called it, yeah that’s right. And how we used to have all them sluts, hookers, harlots, and moles hanging around the Club all the time… remember? Yeah mate, the good old days… ”

“I can understand why we ditched the Bus, got no problem with that. And I can see why the Club banned the unwanted attraction from the groupies, they were just seeking attention. But our old mate Ova has taken it to another level…”

“Listen to this… he’s fired all of the fluffers! All of them, every single one!”

“Yep – the fluffers! The one’s who were given ‘access all areas’ passes at every bloody game. The one’s who helped us get our blood & motivation going before the game with the promise to relieve it afterwards, but only if we won. The fluffers, man, the inspiration… fuckin gone!”

“I know! Having them in the change rooms before & after the matches are what the Pigs are all about! But Ova has gone and fucked up our tradition. Everyone around the Club was shattered when they heard the news… the players especially couldn’t handle it. That’s why we fucking lost – it’s all Ova’s fault. Between you and me, the prick is fucked when essenn finds out… “

anonymous – who is he?


It is still unclear as to whether or not essenn actually knows anything about these recent developments. All attempts have been made to contact both essenn and Ova Dunn, but neither have responded so far. Interesting times ahead…


Breaking news:

As manager/owner of both the Pig Hunters and Camberwell FC, essenn has just arranged a friendly match between the two Clubs for next week. The game will be played at Willison Park, home of the Cobras.

Camberwell FC v Pig Hunters – a historic match for essenn!




Dunn: top 4 or bust!


With essenn fully focused on Camberwell FC, care-taker manager Ova Dunn took no time in stamping his authority over the Pig Hunters. The ‘Pig Legend‘ made it perfectly clear what he expected from the Club this season, indicating that changes may need to be made to fulfill ‘his‘ vision.

“The 3-3 draw against Teabag FC was great entertainment for the neutral supporter, with us coming back from a 2 goal deficit to pinch a point. But from a Pig perspective it was utter bullshit! We should be winning our home games, not counting our blessings that we grabbed a bloody point. If we want to finish in the top 4, we must improve. If we want to challenge for the title, then changes to personnel will have to be made!”

“I’m dedicated 100% to continue developing our strikers, so there will be no change in that area. Across the middle we are doing ok… it’s our defensive structure that needs to be looked at. And I’m not afraid of putting some players on notice either. Everflod, our so-called no.1 ‘keeper, needs to pull his finger out and find some form quick smart – coz if he doesn’t, he’ll be the first one shipped out! And as for the rest of the defenders… well, their playing futures as Pig Hunters are on the line this season – if they manage to see out the season, that is!”

When asked by a member of the gathered press what essenn would think of his ultimatum to the Clubs’ defenders, a stubborn Dunn responded;

“Quite frankly, essenn left ME in charge for this season. So if I feel the need to spend some money to improve the squad, then I’ll bloody well do it. I know he has worked hard to build up the cash funds, but if we want a respectable finish in IV.53 then we may just have to splash some cash. I’m not saying I will, but I am prepared to do so if needed. Time will tell… “


In other news:

– The Pigs recently sold Siaki Allsop for a massive 2 thousand dollars. It’s believed the funds of this transfer will go towards the End-of-Season kitty, with a proposed BooB-Cruise on the cards.


BooB-Cruise, anyone?


– The Piglets got well and truely beaten in the HTUM Youth League II, going down 1-3 against FC Rünenberg Juniors. An injury to Beazley didn’t help the Piglets cause, and they currently find themselves in 4th position.

– Round 2 of the Cup sees the Pigs away to bot-team flamingmass. Dunn has already expressed his intention of playing a different formation, just for the fuck of it!



Season Review


The End-of Season Awards for the Pig Hunters were held last night at the same venue that they have always been held at – Kittens.  In his last official duty before handing control of the Pigs to Ova Dunn, essenn kept with tradition and gave his season review, before presenting the awards for the season just completed. And as always, the lucky members & fans that were invited to the event were provided with an open bar, fingering food, and free entertainment.

“Our first ever season in division III provided many highs and lows. We were always going to struggle, but I made many mistakes last season, so I take full responsibility for our relegation back to division IV. But the season wasn’t a huge disaster, not by any stretch of the imagination. The training debacle (where at one stage I had 9 trainees and only 6 training spots available) was sorted out by half-way through the season. The sale of the older better players certainly effected our campaign, but it also unearthed some gems that will carry the Pigs forward in the seasons to come. Financially we posted a AU$2.3 million profit, the biggest ever in the history of the Pigs. The Piglet Hunters are currently struggling following the talent drain that has occurred in recent seasons, but I’m happy to announce that they are on-track in their rebuilding phase. Yes, we only lasted one season in div III… but I urge all those fickle bastards that walked out on the Club to return. The upcoming season in IV.53 is going to be a beauty – there are some great clubs in this league!”

League (III.4)

“Up until round 8, we were constantly in the top 2. After that, we failed to pick up a single fucking point. Why? Quite simply, we were undermanned, understrength, and outwitted. Selling our better young strikers didn’t help. Shit form to our no.1 ‘keeper and our 2 best inner midfielders also hurt. But at the end of the day, we simply were not good enough. Easy as that. Our aim at the start was to avoid auto-relegation, and we did that. It’s unfortunate that we came up against a super ABS United in the qualifier… had it been a lesser team, I believe we could have survived. I enjoyed the time in III.4 and hopefully in a few seasons time we’ll be more than ready for division III football.”

The Cup

“A disappointing exit in Round 4 of the Oceania Cup, only because of my stubbornness to ensure that all players got full (or close enough to full) training. Round 4 is not good enough for the Pig Hunters, and hopefully Dunn can take the Club further next season. If it means sacrificing some weeks of training, then so be it.


“With qualification from the Group stage guaranteed, we decided to forego a number of GL3 matches and play more mid-week games at Satellite 15 to boost the bank balance a bit. The first round of knock-out games was unfair on the Pigs, being drawn to play away to Langer House… how the Pigs could finish 2nd in Group E and play against 1st in Group D, whilst the team that finished 3rd in Group E got to play a team that finished 2nd, is beyond explanation! Nonetheless, the Pigs got the pounding they deserved and exited GL3 in a disappointing, and disappointed, manner.”



Pig of the Season: Glenn Harrison 

Young Harrison is starting to show why he was so highly regarded when the former Piglet was promoted to the senior squad. By far the best striker all season, Harrison is starting to repay the faith shown in him by the Pigs. Having been voted MVP in xx competitive matches, its no wonder the 21 year old is already regarded as a cult hero by the Troopers. The no.13 shirt for the new season now belongs to Harrison!

Young Pig of the Season: Rick Borneo

Borneo burst into the senior team with 4 goals in as many games. An injury, followed by crap form, halted his great start to the season. But the youngster didn’t give up, eventually forcing his way back into the starting line-up. His 13 goals for the season (including friendlies) has the hierarchy at the Club convinced that the former Piglet will be a future star.


Best Clubman: Arthur Scotney          

By his own admission, Scotney did not have a good season – poor form kept him out of the seniors more  often than he was in it. But his commitment to the cause could not be questioned… always making himself available for the mid-week friendlies, passing on advice to the younger players in the squad, and hanging around after training to assist coach Campbell in any way possible. A future coach? Maybe…

Top Scorer: Lefter Keskin (7 goals)  

One of the surprise packets of the season! Keskin responded so well to the change in training, that essenn had to include him as a permanent ‘trainee’. A late surge saw him end up as top scorer for the season with a total of just 7 goals (in competitive matches). As top scorer, Keskin will now wear the no.9 shirt!




Something old, something new, something out of the blue…


A hastily arranged press conference was called by essenn today at the Camberwell Civic Centre. With no other Pig official in sight, rumours and whispers quickly spread amongst the gathered reporters. By the end of it though, no-one was quite sure how to react. With a prepared statement in hand, essenn began…

“Let me start by stating that although I am disappointed that the Pig Hunters got relegated from division III, I am still pleased with the Clubs’ efforts throughout the season. It was always going to be a difficult task to survive. Despite the strong start to the season, we were clearly not good enough for III.4 and got our pants pulled down in the run home. As much as I would have loved to stay in div III, the drop to IV.53 might be more beneficially for the Club. A review of the past season will be posted sometime next week. Until then, nothing more will be said or explained about this season.”


WTF? What happened? How? All will be explained next week…


“Now, as you all know, I have recently applied for a 2nd Club within Hattrick. And after weeks of waiting, the application has finally been approved. I’m pleased to announce that this new Club will be based in Oceania, more specifically in the mighty state of Victoria. It will be a Club located in the leafy inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in close proximity to neighbouring suburbs that have taken the limelight in terms of sporting success over the past 100+ years.”

“Actually, it’s not even a ‘new’ Club… it’s more like a revival! The original club was formed in 1896, and played in the Victorian Football Association between 1926 and 1990. It eventually folded in 1994 and was considered dead and buried – until now, that is! The name of this Club won’t be mentioned here as this is the Pig Hunters blog, and until the HT-Gods provide some clarity regarding the ‘2nd-team’ and their privileges/rights, this site will remain purely for the Pigs.”

essenn paused for a few moments, before continuing on…

“Which brings me to my intended purpose of this press conference. With so much going on in regards to the new Club, I feel it’s best that I spend more time focused on them for the upcoming season. After much thought,  I have decided to temporarily step down as manager of the Pig Hunters, and relinquish control over to Ova Dunn. There aren’t many Pigs greater than Dunn, he has the knowledge and capacity to run the Club in my absence… he is after-all, a Pig Legend!”


Ova Dunn – appointed ‘caretaker’ manager of the Pig Hunters for a season


“As a result of this announcement, Dunn will end his tenure as GL-Council President elect – effective after the GL3 Final this week. It must be noted that during his time in charge of the GL-C, nothing – and I mean nothing – has happened. No complaints, no whinges, no protests, no scandals, no conspiracies. Considering the circumstances leading up to his appointment, I would say that Dunn has done an outstanding job doing nothing… and I’m sure most of you would agree!”

“I wish Ova all the best of luck with the Pig Hunters next season, I know he will do his utmost to ensure success for the seasons to come. The foundations have been set for the Pigs, and they are in more-than-capable hands. I must re-iterate, however, that this arrangement is for one season and one season only… once the new Club is up and running to my satisfaction, I will return to take the reigns of the mighty Pigs!”



Baggy Pink “Roll of Honour”


Following on from the introduction of the Baggy Pink, fellow manager awrace suggested it would be an almighty idea to list all of the players who had ever represented the Pig Hunters… by order of appearance. After some long research, essenn can now reveal the official Baggy Pink “Roll of Honour”!


Season 1:

1 Nicanor Cumsille
2 Ryan Haldon
3 Mark Waite
4 Tetsurou Okumura
5 Jim Claridge
6 Dee Sutheran
7 Ova Dunn
8 Charles Perkins
9 Kane Muntz
10 Billy Sewell
11 Numbers Atkins
12 Thomas Whitaker
13 Vijay Soliola
14 Dustin Bonetti
15 DJ Medhurst
16 Johnson Ruffles
17 Rob Mew
18 Phillip McMahon
19 Leo Foley
20 Weston Quigley
21 Curt Ulsamer
22 Arsene Barnutiu
23 Benjamin Lintner
24 Zeki Erma
25 Prospero Pupazzi
26 Tygo van Altena
27 Branimir Decijar
28 Edward Hetnal
29 Lucas McGauran
30 关(Guan) 儒文(Ruwen)**
31 Anne van der Lem


Season 2:

32 Maroš Kopácik
33 Fritz Forney
34 Lassi Hakanen
35 Reinhart Weginger
36 Tyler Farmer


Season 3:

37 Sergio Garduño
38 Robby Deleon
39 Kevin Linggi**
40 Lino Carcatella
41 Jesús Bolòs
42 Sicco van Heumen
43 Ronen Karpen
44 Tero Puujalka


Season 4:

45 Nat Situnayake
46 Kip Chudasama*
47 Pablo Urenda
48 Ezechiele Carrano
49 Jânio Bezner
50 Vlad Muntean
51 Ed Munz
52 Pamir Emin
53 Feliciano Campos Teixeira


Season 5:

54 Jacques Neumühlen**
55 Marcos García-Cardo
56 Mateusz Litwin
57 Watze Heerssema*
58 Stavros Tzanetakos
59 Epi Warendorf*
60 Darryl Sherman


Season 6:

61 Arthur Scotney*
62 Nikos Neochoritis
63 Reginald Mercurio*
64 Nick Puruntatameri
65 Barnabás Köves*
66 Aurélien Carlier
67 Aron Lagin*
68 Denis Škapa
69 Arnold McVeigh
70 Donald Waiora


Season 7:

71 Xeremías Cacavelos*
72 Alex Tingwell*
73 Magnus Adelørn*


Season 8:

74 Jovan Janic*
75 Glenn Harrison*
76 Lefter Keskin*
77 Tom Campbell**


Season 9:

78 Lou Blanchett
79 Niklas Everflod*
80 Joeli Charlesworth
81 Lamah Itani
82 Ola Tungbo
83 Juan Bayo
84 Bruce Maguire
85 Rupert Wang


Season 10:

86 Lewis Hazelhurst
87 Nat Bugangidja
88 Corey Wynmuru
89 James Baringa
90 Jean-Marc Balogh*
91 David Julve
92 Rüstü Sevin
93 Jürgen Tompkin*
94 Arnold Doohan
95 Wiam Jundi
96 Rick Borneo*
97 Gaston Stanley
98 Nigel Sanders*


Season 11 (current):

99 Otis Kennerley
100 Sigismondo Reboa*
101 Orazio Ghignone
102 Vince Waasdorp*
103 Haimona Tuck
104 Fitzroy O’Grady*
105 Kermit Ashford
106 Sean Ceccoli
107 Hector Moody*


* – Currently with the Club

** – Coach/ex-coaches





A new tradition begins!


During today’s daily discussion about all things Hattrick with manager awrace from Whites Wongs, an idea popped into essenn’s head (no smart-ass comments required, thankyouverymuch!)

It wasn’t long before the topic of discussion turned to ‘Most Matches Played’ (for those that don’t know, the Pig Hunters and Whites Wongs started life within weeks of each other, and ever since then have enjoyed a healthy rivalry against each other). With awrace boasting ‘this player has played more games’ and ‘this player has also played more games than anyone in your team’ and ‘I’ve got more longer serving players than you do’, essenn noticed that the Pigs had also used more players.

“We’ve had over 100 players representing the Pigs over the seasons”, thought essenn, whilst scoffing down home-made dim sims drowned in soy sauce from Swan Street. Maybe it’s time we recognised and acknowledged all the players that have played for us over the years, and maybe even start a new tradition”.

At that moment, the Baggy Pink was born!



the Baggy Pink



All 106 players that have ever played for the Club (past and present) will be given a Baggy Pink, as a mark of respect and ‘thanks’ for pulling on the Pig Hunters shirt. Players like Dunn, Sewell, Waite, Sutheran, Carlier, Litwin, Kerr, Linggi, Wyatt, van Altena, Emin, Tzanetakos, Numbers Atkins… all will receive one, regardless if they played just 1 or 100 games for the Pigs!

And to kick it all off, the latest Piglet to be promoted into the senior team, and who will be making his debut for the Pigs in tomorrows GL3 clash – Hector Moody – was awarded the 107th Baggy Pink prior to the team leaving for India.


It’s an honour to present Hector with this, and hopefully it’s a new tradition that will continue on for many more seasons to come. Now if you don’t mind, we have a GL3 match against Langer House to get to.”

“And before anyone asks, yes we had to make the cap a little bit bigger for Hector, but only because we had to cover that ridiculous tuft of his hair sticking out… it somehow reminded us all of Mary. ”


Hector Moody – with the oversized Baggy Pink






After a long period of inactivity, today manager essenn decided that instead of releasing an official ‘announcement’,  he would take a different approach and publicly answer some of the e-mails he has received over the past few weeks. Not all e-mails could be answered (nor could all e-mails be published), so listed below are the ones essenn has chosen to share with the public…



Q: Where have you been? Have you abandoned the mighty Pigs? Why hasn’t the blog been updated? (Steve from Springvale)

A: No Steve, I haven’t abandoned the Pigs. My passion for the Pig Hunters is as strong as ever. I’ve been very busy of late, that’s all. With so many things going on behind the scenes, I just need some extra time to deal with them. Unfortunately, the blog has suffered due to these circumstances… I will however try to make more time available in keeping our fans & supporters updated in the future.

Q: Hi essenn. I think you are doing a great job :) But I’m quite concerned about our recent league form :( What has gone wrong? (Danielle from Doveton)

A: Hi Danielle, thanks for the kind words 😉 Our recent results have been quite poor, I agree! The simple fact remains that we promoted into division III when we clearly were not ready to. Our change in training strategy last season forced us to throw younger, inexperienced, and less skilled players into the starting line-up. We’ve also had to adjust our style of play to accordingly. At the start of the season we were aiming for survival, and that is still our aim now. Luckily for us we managed to get some results go our way early on this campaign which has certainly helped!

Q: Ever since you sold Sevin, we haven’t won a game. Why the F%#K did you sell him? What a major f%#k up! You’re a total disgrace you f%#wit!! (Colin from Coolaroo)

A: He had to be sold because he was taking up a training spot, and I felt that one of our younger boys could benefit greatly from getting 100% training. Sevin was the oldest trainee, he had to go, easy as that. We’ve got another Piglet coming through the ranks that will be promoted next week, so expect a few more players to be sold over the next few weeks. Oh, and he also refused to ‘do’ your sister… but why doesn’t that surprise me!! Piss off Colin, you f%#stick!

Q: Any truth in the rumour that you are about to launch a 2nd team? If so, how will this effect the Pig Hunters? (Frank from Fawkner)

A: Yes, it is true. Although nothing is official yet, I have decided to start a 2nd team right here in Oceania. All the relevant paperwork has been submitted and I’m just waiting for the application to be approved. I will not reveal the name/identity/colours/logo of this ‘new’ club on the Pig Hunters blog, as it is a totally seperate entity and has nothing to do whatsoever with the Pigs. I hope this somehow answers your question about what the effect will be.

Q: Congrats on qualifying for the GL3 finals! :) Do you think we can win it? What are your expectations? (Katie from Keilor)

A: Thanks Katie, I hope we can win it 😉 If you had asked me a season ago before we switched training, I would have said ‘yes, we can win it’. But with GL3 running over a period of 2 seasons, and given our change of focus, I would say it will be extremely difficult for us now. We have a very tough task just to survive in III.4 and that is our no.1 priority, so don’t expect much from the Pigs in GL3 😉

Q: Is there any chance that we can bring back some of the ‘pink’, and have the girls from Kittens provide the half-time entertainment? Just like the good old days? I really miss them… (Robert from Rosemeadow)

A: Yes there is a chance, Robert. We have settled our differences with the sluts entertainers from Kittens, and I am currently in negotiations with them to make a long awaited return to Satellite 15… so stay tuned!