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Buy Qatar stars!

Dear friends,

We ( Qatar ) are looking users that can help us with training U20 potentials and NT players. If you want to help, here is:

Club that wants to train players should meet the following conditions:

*It should have a minimum of $ 1 million in the account ( or more ), immediately, at any time that he was willing to take any player.

*Should have solid/excellent coach

*Should the entire season (16 weeks of the season) to train only the specific training that you have decided (Goalkeeping/defense/wing/mid/forward), with low stamina (max 12%)

*Players as much as possible to push the league games and cup games as possible if you are in a situation, and if not then in the friendly (if a player played in the league this week, do not put it in a friendly, because this increase of risk of injury and not get anything too much experience)

*Keep in mind that this training must have min following 3-4 seasons.

*User who is the buyer is obliged to at least 20 minutes before the deadline will be online and go to bid for the player, otherwise they will be considered to be the giving up of players and we have that much time to find a buyer, one who withdraws deleted from the list

**Priority is given to those clubs that have excellent coaches

***Those who do not meet one of these conditions (except **) should not be reported.

And for those who were later joined by all of this, let him join our federation and help Qatar: Qatar National Federation (101761)
Here is list of scouts that you can contact for position that you want to train:


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