When you hate the ME

The 5th season for my third or HTI team has started.


When you win the first Cup match, as I did, I always find it difficult to choose the team I should set for the next competition match. Should you put your best players for the competition or for the next Cup match? Or should you just screw up training for a at least a week and choose the best players for both matches? All depends what your next opponents are, what your ambitions are, what you can or cannot do and so on.

So I did check certain things and I decided to put my best team on my competition match. When I set up my match I always do midfield first, then attack, then wings and last keeper and defenders. I almost always play a 2-5-3, since I train short passes that’s the best formation. It’s also a dangerous one: only two defenders likely means that your defense will be worse than their attack. That’s especially dangerous against teams with very good defenses: chances are you’re not going to score, no matter how many chances you get, but if they get one, it will most likely be a goal. And you could en up losing, which does happen.

Lucky for me, when I checked the ratings for the competition match after setting up my players, I had the best midfield (I did train playmaking for 4 seasons) with close to 65% possession. My wing attacks were also over 60% and my central attack was over 55% and even though you get more central attacks than wing attacks, I thought that was good enough to win that match.

On Friday evening I checked the match. They had scored a goal. Nothing wrong, I knew if they got a chance, they would probably score. Their second chance was a special event and that one went in also, nothing to do with ratings, so nothing special. Still, that meant 0-2 down, so I was starting to worry and I checked the ratings: no, they were as expected. So at that moment, I thought the Match Engine was just teasing me, that happens, and I would get all my chances and goals towards the end of the match, especially since I only had one chance by then and that was through the center, my worst attack. By the end of the first half, there had been already 4 chances, 3 through the center and one free kick. I was starting to boil inside, it looked like I was going to lose if that continued. That even got worse when they got their third chance and scored a third goal! My 5th chance was finally in, a right wing attack! OK, now things would get better. By the 80th minute I was starting to loose faith. And then it went down the drain, they scored a 4th goal in the 89th minute. The ME wasn’t teasing me, it had decided I would go down today, even though more often than not, I should have won.


These are the moments when you really hate the ME! I could say ‘I quit Hattrick’, I could also open a topic on the ‘Global (English)’ forum to complain, and so on. But I won’t. I know that’s how Hattrick works and so if I was really unlucky today, I’ll be lucky later and all in all, it will even out. Did I mention it was Friday the 13th?