League Week 2: League Leaders!

Racing Winnebago flew all the was to sunny California this week, and emerged victorious with an 8-0 win over the creatively capitalized cOS AnGelnUT.  Notably, Tono Zaleta notched his first-ever hat trick in the fabled Yellow-and-Blue, mostly due to the fact that he got to be the set piece taker on the day we faced an opponent with both an, ahem, exuberantly physical approach to defense and a general inability to defend set pieces.  Nevertheless, it was a memorable day for Zaleta, the type of heady journeyman midfielder that has future coach written all over him.

With the win, the Bago have taken over first place in the league, which is arguably due to the fact that we haven’t had to play either of the title favorites yet.  Still, any week in first place is a banner week.

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