Cup Recap: Canute vs. The Tide

Once one of England’s greatest kings, Canute is best known today for an incident where he ordered his knights to hold back the tide and wound up with wet feet.

Last night’s cup tie followed a similar pattern.  The far superior West Virginia Rovers came out in an ultra-aggressive 2-5-3, in an attempt to swamp us. However, following impassioned dressing room speeches by veterans Eugen Harangus and Aleksander Frasek, the Bago came out with an unusual verve, flying around the pitch to deny them the time and space necessary to work their magic.

The pressure paid dividends to begin with.  Frasek forced a turnover in midfield, and the ensuing counter-attack ended with Anibal Arroyave being taken down in the box.  Harangus slotted home the ensuing penalty and the Bago had a shocking lead.

Still, class will tell, and the Rovers quickly scored twice to retake the lead.  Things looked bleak, but then Parker Mitcham went on a mazy run down the right wing before unleashing either a truly ill-advised shot or a brilliant cross.  Either way, Frasek was able to tap it in and the scores were level.

In the second half, Rovers took the lead once more, but the Bago found the will to equalize once more, as Edler audaciously chipped the keeper.

That was as far as we could go, however, as fatigue inevitably slowed us the fatal half-step, causing us to drown in the Rovers’ tide.  A lucky fourth goal was shortly followed by a three-goals-in-three-minutes barrage that saw us fall 7-3 in a match far closer than that scoreline would indicate.  Still, an honorable exit and, in facing a team playing the style that the Baby Bagos will likely embrace when they grow up, a valuable learning experience.

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