Week 3 Recap: The Magnificent Mr. Z

This week saw the Bago solidify an unlikely lead atop V.122, dispatching the more-local-than-the-name-implies U.S. Daggers 8-0.  Frankly, that scoreline favored the Daggers, as we jumped out to an early lead and cruised to an easy win.

Really, the most notable thing to happen in the match is that Tono Zalaeta notched a hat trick.  That would be impressive enough if he were an attacker, but Mr. Z is a defensive midfielder.  More astonishingly, he’s now notched 8 goals in three league matches and leads the golden boot competition.  Can he keep this up?  Absolutely not, but it would sure be nice if he could keep up this rampant run of form for another week or two.

Anyway, next week sees a critical league match away against EDH Wolves.  Win, and we’ll have a great shot at second, with the league title not out of reach.  Lose (and we’re definitely the underdog), and we’re probably fighting for third.

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