Week Four Recap: Vainly Searching for Wolf’s Bane

It is hard to overstate how big this last week’s trip to EDH Wolves was for us.  For us to even dream of winning the league, it was a match we had to have.  It was certainly the big kahuna, the whole enchilada, time to put up or shut up.  Unfortunately, we chose to shut up.

Unable to match the Pups’ skills in midfield, and no longer able to summon the passion to inspire our boys to transcend their limitations, manager Danny Budde chose to send the Bago out in a counter-attacking 5-4-1.  Essentially, we knew that we were going to be overrun in midfield, but hoped that our defense would shut them down and that between Arroyave’s pace, Gavin’s aerial ability, Edler’s technical wizardry or Mitcham’s maverick streak we could nick an undeserved goal or two.

Sometimes, a Fabian strategy like that works for us.  This time, it didn’t quite come off.  Edler hit a post with one shot, Mitcham missed the net by inches on another, and we never really threatened beyond that.  Defensively, we were able to shut down attack after attack, but their star forward, Jaider Gomez, was able to summon up a couple moments of magic out of his aching, 34-year-old legs and notch the 145th and 146th goals of his distinguished career.

With the loss, a difficult path to the title becomes near-impossible, as we’d need to pull off upsets in both matches against title favorite Col Gunners and beat EDH in the return fixture.  Stranger things have happened, but not often.  Still, there’s always next year.

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