How Can We Say Goodbye If You Don’t Go Away

Today is a bittersweet day in Bago land.  On the one hand, the Chairman must have had a banner day at the dog track this weekend, as we spent actual money on a real, live player who may or may not get flipped once the Board realizes what happened.  Specificially, the newest member of the famed Blue and Gold is one Sagi “So Near But Yet” Sofer, a 31 year old Israeli keeper and pun aficionado, who will take over between the sticks for the next few years.  Like most of our non-teenage contingent, Sofer will be joining the Racing Winnebago Academy of Hiding Money From the Board Leadership and working on his coaching badges while here.

Of course, not even we would play two keepers at the same time, so this is likely the end of the line for Mariusz Chlystek.  In his three years as our starting keeper, Chlystek became a favorite both within the dressing room and on the terraces, largely because of his evident passion for the team and basic human decency, both of which stood in stark contrast to Technical Director’s Conrad van Hilst’s often coldly efficient regime.

The move isn’t a total surprise, of course, Chlystek’s been showing all of his 37 years of late and his vocal opposition to the sale of Davie Edler did not endear him to van Hilst and the rest of the backroom staff.

However, surprisingly, and over van Hilst’s vehement objections, the Chairman refused to sanction selling Chlystek.  Instead, he’ll be sticking around as our new assistant manager, and charged with giving the team pep talks that our manager, Danny Budde, can no longer manage.   With Budde likely to retire at the end of the season in order to focus on something that speaks more directly to his passions, such as little open-faced sandwiches, I think its probable that Chlystek and van Hilst will be fighting it out to be the next manager.  The back-biting is likely to be something out of a reality show, which would put the Chairman in the role of the Bachelorette.  God help us all.

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