From Coup to Revolution

Well, say this for Conrad van Hilst, the man does not waste any time.  Almost immediately after maneuvering himself into sole control over our transfer budget, he set about placing our beloved Racing Winnebago on a new trajectory.  Today, we announced the signings of no less than four(!) 18-year-old inner midfielders, all of whom are rumored to feature prominently on the short list for the USA U20 team.  I’m sure that Saul Aguilar, Randall Hall, Dylan Folds and Frank Newton are all fine fellows, but it was more than a little disconcerting to have to introduce them all at once.

Of course, what would a revolution be without driving the former nobility into exile?  Logic, while generally not a factor in our decision-making, would seem to suggest that we can’t bring in this many new faces without selling off some of the old.  It was therefore unsurprising that “sources close to the club” have started suggesting that Duke “Duke” Gilbertson was available for transfer, and that local rivals NYC Peregrines have expressed interest in pairing him with Bago alumnus Davie “The Viscount” Edler.  Additionally, we made a point of informing the press that Niccola Fraccaro had completed his coaching badges, presumably because its tacky to actually hang a “for sale” sign on one of our players.  Almost immediately thereafter rumors surfaced that acquisitive Slovakian side Shopping FCS had tabled a bid for him as well.

More worringly, judging by manager Maruisz Chylstek’s ashen-face following a closed door meeting with van Hilst, is the likelihood that these two won’t be the only ones out the door.  At this point, the fate of all of our homegrown trainees hangs very much in the balance.

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