The Purge Continues

Well, I’m still here.  I’m hiding, just in case van Hilst decides to sell me off too, but I’m here for now.  As van Hilst makes the club over in his image, there aren’t many others that can say the same.

The list of the dearly departed now includes former free-kick specialist Eugen Harangus, who was packed off to Poland in order to begin a coaching career.  More startlingly, we dispatched homegrown talent Duke Gilbertson to local rivals NYC Peregrines, where he can be reunited with Davie Edler, and also sold off powerful forward Nick “the Bull” Chang.

However, while these moves rocked the Bago faithful, it was the sale of Austin Choice that made clear that the current generation of homegrown talent isn’t long for the side.  Choice, the HUTM Youth Academy Player of the Year, was put on the block on the day he turned 17, and his sale to Slovenian side FC Tezncan was finalized three days later.  Of course, the club-record transfer fee of $6.3 mm mollified the fans somewhat, but a club following a homegrown strategy simply can’t sell off players like that.

In any event, everything suggests that more moves aren’t imminent.  At the moment, rumors are swirling around wide forward Parker Mitcham.  In fact, now that Curt Gavin’s U20 career has come to an end, even he could be on the move as well.  I’m just glad that club secretaries can’t be sold.  I hope so anyway.

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