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Real Pleite?

Nach einem erfolgreichen Start in die Saison 49 im Pokal, beginnt heute auch der Liga-Alltag für Real Escorpión wieder. Nach einigen Saisons Pause darf mit einem Heimspiel in die Liga gestartet werden, vor allem für Geschäftsführer Ede Graßl ist das eine Erleichtertung.

“Es ist fünf vor zwölf, eigentlich eher drei vor zwölf.”

Die letzten beiden Saisons schlossen die Oberlausitzer mit einem kräftigen Minus, für den Verein geht es jetzt um die Existenz.

“Der Abstieg hat uns sehr viel Kraft und Substanz gekostet, die letzte Saison war aber noch einmal doppelt so schlimm.  Wir haben sehr schwere Zeiten vor uns, die Mannschaft wird in dieser Konstellation nicht mehr ewig spielen können, es wird aller Voraussicht nach in den nächsten Wochen gravierende Änderungen und Einschnitte geben müssen, ansonsten wird der Verein nicht überleben.”

Harte Worte des Geschäftsführers, doch im Umfeld des Vereins hielten scih schon lang hartnäckig die Gerüchte, um die schwierige Finanzlage des Clubs. Bisher kommentierte kein Vereinsoffizieller die Situation, nun scheint sich die Lage zugespitzt zu haben. Neben dem Finanziellen sieht es für die Skorpione eigentlich nicht all zu schlecht aus, sportlich kann die Mannschaft immer noch um den Titel mitspielen. Vor allem in der letzten Saison war das Glück oftmals nicht auf der Seite der Oberlausitzer, am Ende fehlten 4 Punkte aus Spielen, in denen Real eigentlich hätte als Sieger vom Platz gehen müssen.

“Das haben wir abgehakt, es war bitter, so den 3. Platz zu erreichen, wichtig ist, dass wir in dieser Saison einen guten Start haben, dann ist viel möglich.”

Trainer Granholm zeigt sich also zuversichtlich, doch im Prinzip bleibt ihm nichts anderes übrig, denn auch sein Name ist nicht mehr unantastbar, wenn man Geschäftsführer Graßl glauben darf.

“Wir müssen an allen Stellen hinterfragen, ob es so weitergehen kann und ob das Erfolg bringt oder nicht.”


Goodbye Vincenzo “Timo” Ancarani

He was tThe Player Vincenzo Ancaranihe first goalkeeper that was engaged from an external team by Real Escorpión and also the first big transfer with a volume of more than 500.000 €. In the beginning of September in 2008 Real was searching for the right keeper to stable t he defense and helping on the way to higher leagues. Vincenzo Ancarani was spotted by Argentinian Scouts in May of 2007 and finally engaged by the Argentinian team “sweet bear” which today doesn’t exist anymore. For the exact amou nt of 602.000 € Ancarani moved over from the Greece team “Triver Pool” to Real Escorpión.

After his presentation with holding the new Number one Dress in his hands, he was simply called Timo by his teammates and a very short time after also by the fans. But why? The former coach Livio Valtolino explains: “It was crazy when I saw him the first time. I saw his face and movements and first I thought it must be Timo Hildebrandt (former keeper of the German Bundesliga Club VfB Stuttgart), jestingly I called him Timo in the press conference and the story went its way.”


Vincenzo played in total eight seasons for Real Escorpión, in the last few seasons he was the most reliable backup that we all could think of. He always gave the best in friendlies to show what he’s able to afford for the team. But with 31 years Vincenzo don’t wanted to play for the rest of his career in friendlies and so he searched for a new challenge to let his career end in another way than being “just” the backup. As the pleasent, honest and temperental guy he always was, all his teammates will surely miss him, especially in training. But was is the special thing of Vincenzo Ancarani and why are the fans so sad about his leaving? Of course becoming iconic because of his similarity to the keeper Timo Hildebrandt helped qu ite a lot but Ancarani was part of the glory first team of Real Escorpión that gained unreached success in seasons 35 to 38. In that time Real was unbeaten for more than 40 weeks with 39 victories in a row and Vincenzo was a fix part of the first eleven that reached this club’s alltime record.
Unbeaten statistic
“Of course, I remember that time and its always a pleasure to think about it. It was the best time in my life, the whole club was in an undescribable mood, I couldn’t find words to express that feeling we had 40 weeks long. I’m proud that I was a part of the young first generation of Real Escorpión and I’ll never forget this club and I’ll still watch all its future matches. I really hope the fans will remember me because I will never forget them. Nobody needs to be sad about my leaving, we only have to remember the good times!”, Vincenzo said.

With Ancarani another player with a long belonging to Real leaves the club and it express how far the club went till now.

“When I came to Escorpión the biggest club target was to reach the 5th league level, it’s a great feeling to know that we really made it and I could be here in this time”, Ancarani said proudly and add’s: “I hope I won’t be one of the last players that be part of one single team for such a long time. Loyality is a really great thing and with it you can payback some of the wonderful things you got from fans or club members.”

For the rest of his career Real Escorpión wishes all the best to Vincenzo. We all say thank you for a divine Hattrick time and we all cross fingers that you can play a big part as long as possible in your new club The Bansais in the Netherlands – Thank you Vincenzo Ancarani!


Real is online

The team of Real Escorpión (so ME 😉 ) is proud to be a part of this new interesting part of the Hattrick universe and says hello to all other teams of the world! In this first post I will start to tell you something about Real Escorpión.

Real Escorpión was founded in April 2007 and is currently playing in 5th league (of 10) in Germany – fighting against the evil ghost of relegation and demotion. In the past 4 years Real never relegated, just promoted and I hope this won’t change in the future. The team’s home ground is the Estadio de Escorpión which has space for 34.000 visitors (or small, tiny bits and bytes?). We also have an own youth acadamy, the Real Escorpión Júniores. The colours of Real are orange and black and the logo is graced by a white scorpion. At the moment our team is coached by the Finnish SuomiVille-Valtteri Granholm who focus on training forwards, in the Estadio de Escorpión we mostly have the pleasure to watch offensive festivals with a lot of goals. Unfortunately this season we get the most goals and don’t score them, as we are used to in the past seasons.

These are the most important information about the club. In the future you will find here stories and other interesting stuff about Real Escorpión and all that has to do with the club! I also plan to post from time to time a comment about Hattrick and its environment – So come back later, I would be happy about it :)