How To Solve A Problem Like NYCP…

NYC Peregrines: The HTI Team of Lord Bebbington, and a quandry to say the least. NYCP are now in their second consecutive season as a newly-formed HTI team and yet they are in danger of becoming underachievers. Created on the 9th January 2017 in New York City, the Peregrines quickly engaged in purchasing young talents who were placed into wing training, primarily to bring profit for the purchase of further trainees.

On the 24th of January this year, they were knocked out of the inaugural HTI Cup in round 2. Not long after, on Valentine’s Day, they were knocked out of the Ruby Challenger’s Cup in round 3.

Peregrines competed in a few tournaments too. They took part in HTI Tour de Force and finished a measly 26th; they competed in HTI Rapido and did much better, finishing 1st in season one and 2nd in season two. In April, they took part in Hattrick International Cup and finished a respectable 3rd. The team were directly promoted on April 25th, finishing 3rd in the league and taking benefit of a promotion rule in season 1 of HTI.

In May, the team once again took part in the HTI Cup and were again eliminated in round 2. Equally, they were eliminated in round 3 of the Ruby Challenger Cup (again). So far, in the HTI ladder, they have managed to win only 23, and lost 55. Most HTI teams are now 100,000 TSI or above. NYC Peregrines stand just below 40,000 at the time of writing.

How then, to solve a problem like NYCP?

It seems, that the manager is trying to do so, at least. Brisko ‘Fuhgeddaboudit’ Boumann, a local lad who made his name as a player in Brooklyn, is that very manager. Taking over from Benjamin Mosley, ‘Fuhgeddaboudit’ has begun trying to instill a core to the team which will take time to bed in. Central to that plan, so far, are a group of young players who have come through the Brooklyn Falcons Youth Team.

  1. Ryan ‘Hunter’ Johnson
  2. Roberto ‘The Poet’ Corrado
  3. Theo ‘The Wasp’ Herrick
  4. Catalino ‘The Knife’ Santillán
  5. Josiah Funke (Quick)
  6. Santiago Castilla

These players are full of potential though only one is blessed with a  speciality that could make that real difference. With that in mind, Boumann must look to the youth team in more depth. Coming up through the ranks are these players:

  1. Joe Keith (Head)
  2. Blake Poe (Technical)
  3. Adam Mims-Friedman (Head)
  4. Anthony Franck (Powerful)
  5. Patrick Holmes (Head)
  6. Shaun Obert (Technical)
  7. Zack Mitts (Powerful)
  8. Randolph Ellenburg (Powerful)
  9. Jonah Hester (Unpredictable)

We spoke to Boumann about the players in the youth team, and his general plans for what will happen with NYCP should they relegate this season.

“We have nine players that we feel have a speciality that will enhance the first team, though some of these players are far from the finished product as you would expect at this stage of their development. Some might not make it. For now, we’ll give them the chance. This means, of course, that some non-spec players in the current first team might find their places under threat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a role to play.

One of my goals has been to keep costs down, even if that affects results, and it may well be that I make further sacrifices in that area at the end of the season. It all depends on the final league placing.”

NYCP are currently in the process of increasing their stadium size to 21,000 but again, this is a financial risk should the club relegate. A lot depends on the last two games, and right now NYCP sit in 6th place just one point above the drop zone. Next game up is against one of the top 3. Doesn’t look like a win. Game after that? Against the team just below them. This might be an unavoidably disappointing end to the season, but Boumann still has hope.

“If we drop, we drop. Fuhgeddaboudit. We’ll be back. We’ve listed one of our young talents in the hope that he will stay. I know that sounds odd. He’s up for listing at a price above what he should bring, but in comparison to other players of his ability, the price is fair. I don’t think anyone will bite, but if they do then we’ll be financially stable should we relegate. If he stays, we’ll still have one of our core key midfielders for next season’s campaign.”

A lot left to fate then, and we’ll soon find out what that fickle finger will have in store.



Saxons Bury Rochdale

It was the game to totally humiliate their opponents and firmly cement the club’s credentials as significant title contenders with two games to go. The Lost Saxons beat Rochdale United 3-0 on Sunday evening to cause the rival club owner to go into meltdown and threaten an almost total clearout of United players following the end of the season, this despite his team being in the top 3 both domestically and in the GL Championship (both interestingly enough, behind Saxons who occupy first place in both.)

Here at Lord B’s Dynasty blog, we can also reveal that the club owner of The Saxons has been in contact with the Saxons board to state:

Saxons are without a doubt, now for the first time, my flagship club. Congratulations!

Quite a statement, as Lord B has been known to hold The Jazz (formerly Flaming Wodkas) as his flagship team, but now the rebuilt side from the Faroe Islands, situated in the beautiful south of Cheshire in the north-west of England seems to have stolen that crown.

The game was dominated by Saxons throughout, with the controversial Mr. Mayhem claiming he wouldn’t get home early enough to watch the first half and that no doubt his team would have scored three by then. How wrong he was – totally the opposite in fact, with Rochdale finding themselves 3-0 down by half-time.

Glatzel, Himler and Kostorenko were the players who did the damage, but let’s be honest – Saxons could have had more and in total fired 11 shots in on the United goal, to their opponents measly one! Dale’s defence were stronger than Saxons, but only just… United played  5 at the back though with Saxons only putting out 3 defenders. Considering that United’s attack have been lauded in recent week’s by their owner, they were nowhere to be seen in this game. Perhaps this was why on United’s own blog they go into detail about how Mayhem went ‘manic’ at half-time in their dressing room.

The crazed owner had earlier claimed he would report Saxons to the GL President for making ‘death threats’, but any educated sports columnist could see this was simply a metaphor for defeat at The Burial Ground. Clearly more nonsensical ragings from an owner who seems to have lost control? We’ll let you decide.

Well done, Saxons – now only two games to go to win the title. Can history be made? We’re in the ‘yes’ camp. As for the United fans, we think this picture from the local press this morning makes their feelings pretty clear.

Click to enlarge

MSO/FCT Chairman Hojris In Drunken Stunt?

This image purports to show HTUM Fed founder Hojris in a drunken stupor: is all as it seems?

An image was mailed through to HUP this evening, apparently showing MSO and Football Club Tranquebar President and HTUM Federation Founder Johnny ‘Hojris’ Hansen in an alleyway spraying graffiti onto the walls and staggering as if not in control of his own movement, most likely due to alcohol or narcotics. The HUP phonelines have been hot all evening, but closer analysis of the picture suggests that all may not be as it seems.

The image was taken some time not long after The Lost Saxons managed a hugely damaging win against Football Club Tranquebar in the Golden League fixture last Tuesday (27th July), and the graffiti in the image reads: “BACON! Spek-takular win.”

Now, we know that Bacon is a significant commodity in Denmark, the home nation of Mr. Hojris, but why would he be celebrating a defeat to one of the original Platinum team rivals to FCT? It makes no sense to us. With this in mind, we await further analysis of the image to find out the true story. Do any of you have any ideas about the real background to this image? Let us know in the comments section.

In other news

Raszków Jazz suffered a significant setback in the title challenge early on Sunday morning after squandering a 2-0 lead with ten minutes to go. The Jazz are now 5 points off top spot and it looks unlikely they will be able to turn this around in the six remaining games.

In England, The Lost Saxons continued their dominance in division V.171 as they took apart bot team Fallen Chelsea with a score of 10-1. At half-time, it looked like further goals may be hard to come by with the score standing at 4-1, but the Saxons fans went home happy in the end. Saxons now have a +15 goal advantage over second-placed Rochdale United. Rochdale face a tricky fixture against Ascalon next weekend, with Saxons looking to revenge recent dropped points against Barnet Forever, who lost 4-0 to Rochdale United themselves earlier.

Stateside, and NYC Peregrines went down 2-0 against arzei halevanon in the league, though Brisko Boumann is steadily building an all-round even sector team, and looks to be following in the footsteps of The Saxons as he is focusing on bringing through youth players who are being trained in midfield. One big difference between NYCP and The Saxons though, is that the English team already had established wingers before the inner training began. It will be interesting to see where Peregrines finish this season, and what the season beyond holds for them and their fans.

We finish tonight then, with one final comment on the picture we started with, and it comes from Alin Badiu. Alin, former Youth League predictor-extraordinaire and former RFC-TV commentator alongside Ernst-Jan Bracké, had this to say: