Every crag and gnarled tree… (Douglas Hyde)

Monday 26th March and the League of Legends tournament finally starts. Renaissance FC kick-off in Switzerland in the small village of Runenberg against Schluurggi’s most able team FC Runenberg. The two met recently with Renaissance on the losing end of a 4-2 scoreline. Now however, Schluurggi will be putting out a full force team as tournament rules provide a different arena than in a Golden League match.

Fifteen days ago, Renaissance FC found themselves smiling as they had just won 8-0 in the league. Since that day however, they have not won a single point in any competition and have scored just 4 goals whilst conceding 19 goals. Ironically, yesterday’s league match saw RFC lose by the same margin that they last won exactly a fortnight earlier.

So why are the fans so excited by tonight’s match? Peroni’s Army are of course known for their famous banners which read, ‘We Believe’ and this is what the League of Legends is all about. All sillyness regarding bacon and flying crockery can be forgotten and the search can be begin for the new cult hero of the Noblemen. The fans already know that progression for their team from the group containing FC Runenberg, Vi Flaesker Jer and Horus Falcons will be nigh on impossible. Instead, all eyes will be on the team to see which of their heroes can step up to the plate and become a club legend. Who knows, it may be someone who scores RFC’s only goal of the tournament – anything is possible!

One devastating blow for Renaissance, is the loss of their number 1 keeper Arnon Kristal, who was injured badly during the last 10 minutes of yesterday’s 8-0 league defeat to Krosno. Roger Japinha will be his stand-in, but having not played a game himself for some time, it is doubtful he will be in any type of condition or form to prevent a hat-ful of goals being conceded.

In conclusion, think about this quote from Douglas Hyde and then sit back this evening and enjoy the football:

“Every crag and gnarled tree and lonely valley has its own strange and graceful legend attached to it.”

Kick-off is at 18:45 CET, with match report later.