Press Conference Report





Present were club owner Lee Bebbs (left) and club president Aldopaolo Peroni (middle). Valentino Giachello was not present. Aldopaolo Peroni’s statement (no questions were allowed):

You have all read the articles that have appeared on Hattrick United Press this morning and the club and myself can confirm that they are authenticate.

Over the course of the next 3 days, all available players for transfer that have not been a part of the Youth Academy at this club, will be placed on the market for sale. The club are doing this to raise funds for the training of the 1st team manager that will take over responsibilities from Mr. Jean Demeure as of beginning of May. The club will make a statement nearer the time as to who the newly appointed manager will be.

The placing of players onto the transfer market will take place in several stages. Our fringe players will go onto the market first of all. Following this, our veteran players will go onto the market 24 hours later. Finally, in two days from now, our VIP players will be put up for sale. It is with a heavy heart that we find ourselves in a situation where a mass clear-out is necessary, but this will clear our debts and provide us with the necessary funds to train a solid coach and build a Renaissance FC for the future.

As has been reported on HU Press, Mr. Giachello has also stepped down from his role at the club and we wish him well in the future, wherever he should decide to continue his career. The club have nothing more to say on this particular matter, apart from to confirm that Mr. Aneszko will be his replacement as stated on HU Press, taking over role of club secretary also.

Mr. Demeure will be helping the Youth Academy, which are pleased to have received information from Horus Falcons that a donation to their training and club house facilities will be gained from our help in the production of the Falcon Tour of Wonders T-Shirt merchandise.

Obviously, such radical information as you have all read and now had confirmed today, will mean that the club will struggle on the field. This will most likely mean a fall to a lower division, but we firmly believe this is only a temporary measure and will simply become the launch-pad for a stronger and more dynamic Renaissance FC.

I will be holding one more press conference on Wednesday or Thursday following our Golden League game with FCOB Kamenice. That is all I have to say on today’s matters at this time.”

And with that, both Mr. Peroni and Club Owner Lee Bebbs stood up and left the press to summarize the statement.

Earlier today:

A press conference was announced for today at Jules Michelet Arena, sometime between 12:00 and 13:00 CET

The press had already gathered and awaited an official explanation of the articles that  appeared on HU Press earlier that morning, and the one question on everybody’s lips was:

‘Is this an April Fools Joke or is it serious?’