UFO [Edited at 14:00 – a must see!]

Before you read ‘UFO’ here is an edit to this post that I made just before 14:00 on Friday. I was just messing on YouTube and I found the coolest thing I have ever seen (you will see why I was compelled to put this video on my blog) and I present it here to you all to remind you of me when I am gone from the world of Hattrick until I return. In the early hours of tomorrow morning we (my family and I) set off on a near 2000km journey to start a new life and I don’t know when I will be online next, so until then please PLEASE enjoy this video from Renaissance FC – we really DO hope it brings a smile to your face :) :) :)

Here it is:

On Sunday Renaissance FC will play UFO (Udreczyciele Finalnego Oracza) in a bottom of the table clash which according to the HT prediction software should be a win for Renaissance, nevertheless the UFO midfield (although wretched) is slightly better than those being trained and played in that position by coach ‘Showboat’ Temmink. We asked Elco Temmink about the progress of the new training focus and preparations for Sunday’s game, as well as the midweek game against Bellevue Barrage in Australia.

The lads have really taken to the new training scheme I am pleased to say. Mr. Gelmirez has just been to see me this morning in fact with the details of the latest session, and according to our training staff seven of the players have made significant progress.

“Can we ask who these players are?”

Certainly. Origlia, Dorneanu, Schwegler, Yaoning, De Grazia, Bernal and Abdon. I’m very pleased by all the squad’s efforts, so looking forward to some more positive training reports next week.

“Which of these players can we expect to see play against UFO on Sunday?”

Without giving the team away, I feel sure I can mention that Abdon and Origlia will definitely start, though the others may be given a chance against Bellevue in midweek.

“Do you think the team can finally stop the shock results and get a win against UFO?”

I’m not interested in points this season, though I know that is an answer the fans won’t want to hear. There is no relegation in this league, but if we can’t win this league then I don’t want promotion. You all know where I stand and that is that the training of these new players is our priority. Ask me in one season’s time if I think we will win and you will get a very different answer.

“You’re not flying with the team to Australia so you won’t be available yourself for selection?”

No team has been announced for this match, so I’m not sure where you get such information. Nevertheless, the training of Elco Temmink is not a priority. I’m here to train, not get trained.

“Your club owner, Lee Bebbs, has been interviewed by the HTU Managers Federation and the article can be linked to via HU Press. The focus is the Golden League, and it is well known that the ultimate aim of Renaissance FC is to win this competition founded by their predecessor club Flaming Wodkas FC. How long do you think it will take for this to happen?”

I don’t understand the relevance of this question.

“As the first anniversary approaches, the club seems to have made very little progress being stuck at the bottom of one of the lowest leagues in Poland. The Golden League title seems a long way off.”

Yes it does.

“Do you think you will win this competition in the next 10 seasons?”

Do you think you will still be a journalist in the next 10 seasons?