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Aldopaolo Peroni – Back as Club President!

In an exclusive interview with the new President of Raszków Jazz, Aldopaolo Peroni, we boarded his yacht off the Monaco coast to discuss the club, his past, and the future direction of the team.

“It is a beautiful thing to be back in charge of the team and working with the club owner to bring this team to the greatness that continues to elude it.

My history with the club is known by many, but the years have passed, and there are new competitors in our Golden League and in our wonderful Federation. They do not know Aldopaolo so well, but they will do soon enough.”

What now for the team then?

“A complete and brutal rebuild, a total reinvention of the team and the nature of the club. This will be at all levels. Nothing we have done so far has worked. Nothing. Not when I was a player, a manager, or in my previous time as Club President. However, now we will try things a different way. The owner is very supportive.”

What of current talents though?

“None will be allowed to go to waste. They will be allowed to move on. There are some huge talents. Some not so. All will find their way, and the club will continue to evolve. A change of mentality is needed. This isn’t about building a new team – it is more about getting to the position where we can think about building a new team. Any players coming here need to know that we will make them better, but they will only be here for the short-term. It is a good stepping stone for some, I think. Our youth players will similarly be allowed to fly the nest, when the time is right.”

Will old rivalries be rekindled?

(He laughs) “For sure. New ones will also be made. I have always followed the teams, like my old lady in Denmark, and rivals not far across the border. There are giants now in our Federation; teams that have moved on massively since the first season of Golden League, when I myself played against teams such as AS Uijeongbu 07. And also, we must not forget, that many sister clubs have become as big – my God, there are now even third teams… shall we call them brother teams, or granddaughter teams (he laughs some more) – for me, I am only focused on the first team, my team, the Jazz.”

Will the new Peroni as President avoid controversy?

“The controversy is created by the press, by my rivals, by my critics. It is not Mr. Peroni who creates the controversy.”

Controversial stuff. Finally, we ask Mr. Peroni if he has a message for the other managers and club owners of the HTU Federation.

“Yes, for sure. Odense, Falcons, Mr. Paquebot with all your talents in Asia, the English Elite managers, those long-shot wannabees like Schreck, even young upstarts like the people at Buffalo River… there are more, friends yet enemies, the Rusty one, the one with a penchant for Blue Hornets and bells… they all know who they are, and they will all get into line eventually. Some are absent, some will return. That is the beauty of our Federation – you always know the best ones will return.”

And with that, he takes a sip, and invites us to his private casino in the evening. The interview is over.