Raszków believes again… that’s the talk around the village, and the surrounding towns, and across the footballing world in general as ‘The Jazz’ metamorphose into the team they were always meant to be: The Flaming Wodkas FC.

In an exclusive world interview, club owner Lord Bebbington spoke to our blog, about his aims and ambitions for the side that blew the HT world alight with Golden League all those years ago.

“Let me begin by saying, I’m delighted to re-establish this grand tradition of The Wodkas. It was how my own personal Hattrick dream began, and I think it only fitting that as the 10th edition of the Golden League draws to a close later tonight, that we begin a new cycle of ten GL seasons by returning to that original name and ethos that saw us dream big in the first place.

Everything is up for grabs now. I’m re-organising the whole structure of the club, as regards board members and staffing structures, with the exception of the incumbent manager Mr. Finozzi, with whom I’m more than pleased at the current time and his development of some of the most important players at this club ever.

I will be looking closely at key figures who have helped us out in the past, and those still with us now. In addition, I will be making calls to loyal servants of our club over the years, ensuring that they return to the fold once their careers are over at their current clubs, and in a way… come home.

I’m talking about club stalwarts like Ariel Paszkiewicz, David Gelmirez, Can Le… there are many more. I can already confirm that EC10 has agreed to successfully manager his post-playing career between the city of Prague and here in Raszków, and we look forward to developing those links with our Fed friends across the border. That club in particular is a huge part of our history, and one we have never disguised our attempts to one day emulate.”

So, The Wodkas are back, and some critics suggest that what Lord Bebbington has successfully put in place at his secondary club The Lost Saxons, will be overshadowed by what is to come in Raszków during the next year. Saxons, as we know, are a team who relied on veterans at the back while developing midfield and wing attack options to veteran strikers up front. Wodkas it would seem, are intent on the creation of a titanium spine through the back of the team, before even beginning to think about midfield and attack.

Having said this, veteran midfielders have been brought in this week to boost the opening of the league campaign and fans are excited to see what happens during the first half of the season. The aim must surely be to continue the development of the so-called ‘Misfits’, and strike for promotion from the outset. Anything else is a bonus.