Boardroom Intrigue?

What is going on in this leaked image from the Wodkas boardroom?

This image was captured from the Wodkas boardroom earlier this week, and we feel obliged to release it here on the Dynasty Blog, because one thing we have always been is a seeker of the truth! Whether it be rumours of Peroni in Odense, or Edi ‘EC10’ Celaj sneaking off for clandestine meetings in Prague restaurants, or Hojris impersonators spraying graffiti down back alleyways, we will eventually get to the truth. But even we are at a loss as to whether the image above is significant or not.

In it, we can see Lord Bebbington sipping his usual afternoon cocktail of a flaming vodka, and Mr. Peroni sitting to his left, and sliding some sort of document towards him. It looks like a GL seal on the front cover, but we can’t be sure. Now… the most interesting things may be the figure staring out of the window, and the odd question of why there appear to be two Horus Falcons Tour of Wonders shirts lying on the floor. Add to this what looks like two broken ceiling panels above Lord B’s heads… or perhaps, ceiling panels that can be opened to conceal things? We just don’t know the answers to these questions… yet.

Another thing we don’t quite understand, is the Golden League emblem on the TV screen behind Lord Bebbington is a logo from the early seasons of this great competition – not at all the emblem used these days. Has old archive footage been reviewed in this meeting, and for what reason?

Now… we did hear some rumours that there is growing unrest about the lack of interaction between the current Golden League President and the rest of the Federation – something which seemed very positive upon his apointment, but since the deal with that nefarious beer company, BSBeer, and the cancellation of the deal with Nuke, President Farroni has been conspicuous by his absence. On the other hand, this could be said to be historically synonymous with the role of GL President.

There are too many questions raised by the image above, and possible interpretations for what is going on. All we will say for sure, is that we will keep our ear close to the ground, and our eyes peeled, and the moment we feel we have an inkling as to what is going on, we will publish it here! If you think you know, please get in touch via the comments below. We will respond!