Light at the end of the tunnel…


As it’s revealed Saxons striker behind 2017 hoaxes, we interview a man under therapy.

Bjørn ‘The Baconiser’ Pettersen is a man on a mission, but one that nearly cost him his sanity. Half-way through 2017, he suffered a crisis of doubt as the owner of MS Odense criticised him and his playing performance, albeit indirectly.

“That really took its toll,” said a focused looking Pettersen to our reporter. “To have a Scandinavian manager come out and make such a critique of me, just because our nations are rivals, really had an impact on me. I determined to avenge myself against any one of his teams.”

Indeed, Bjørn went ahead and did just that, scoring against teams owned by Federation legend Hojris. On 4th June he scored two goals in 32 minutes as Saxons beat MSO by three goals to zero, was man of the match in that game and the one on the same evening despite not scoring, and 10 days later on the 14th June, scored the opener after 4 minutes to begin what would be a 5 goal rout of the opposition from Denmark.

In that same vein, against Football Club Tranquebar, Hojris’ second team from India, Bjørn was man of the match in the first two encounters since the notorious comments, scored the 4th goal of a 4-1 win on the 27th June, and then as a way of metaphorically putting the icing on the cake, he helped Saxons to a 5-1 away win against FCT by scoring two goals himself.

In total, he scored 6 goals against Mr. Hojris’ teams in just 5 games played – quite a feat against any team but even more so for a man on a mission.

“We baconised them, and that’s when I got my nickname. It was something the lads remembered from the time when they played on Suduroy and had to come up against teams like Vi Flaesker Jer, and their sister club of then Torpedo NordZsild. ‘Baconiser’ stuck, and I liked it. But my problems started to become worse after this.”

Pettersen had found that there had been no real cathartic effect despite his scoring record against his mental enemy, and so took upon himself to make his feelings known without revealing his actual identity. Images surfaced of a ‘supposedly’ drunken Mr. Hojris in a back-alley in Denmark somewhere, spraying the graffiti on the walls; not long after came an image from Rochdale, England, with a sprayed message draped along the iconic bridge in the town centre. Although suspicions fell on several Saxons players, including the England U-20 player Martin ‘Runaway Train’ Frain, it was never revealed that Bjørn was behind the social sabotage, until now.

“It was the coach, Mr. Á Nesi who knew. He had worked it out. He put me straight into counselling and therapy. The Golden League were informed behind the scenes, but no help came from them. It was all the boss’ help. I needed help too.”

Bjørn since flown to Denmark privately, and apologised in person to Mr. Hojris, though this was never made public. He also seems to have found a new target in life – the goal of reaching the special 200 milestone before he retires.

“I’ve been aiming for that for some time, but never really focused on it until after the therapy sessions. I also want to score 50 goals for the club, but I’m heading towards my 38th birthday and I don’t know if that’s possible. I do intend to hit the double century though.”

Bjørn only needs another 6 goals for The Saxons in competitive matches to hit his target, following a hattrick in the Saxons recent cup run brought him edging closer and closer to his personal goal. He also sits on 39 goals for the club, has hit 14 hattricks in his career and finished 2nd to Ahn in the GLX campaign, a special moment for Bjørn .

“I thought I might be in with a chance when we won the first leg 4-0 against Ahn’s team, but the game was epic and went to three legs, with us eventually succumbing to their might. If we’d have got through, I’d have been top scorer, no doubt. I don’t mind the silver medal though, and definitely have great admiration for ‘Ackbar’, his goalscoring and his talents. What a player.”

This reformed Saxons striker seems to have the same respect for his mentor, Kristoffur ‘Messi’ á Nesi also. More so since Messi helped him through a difficult period of his career late on.

“All I want now is to achieve my personal goals before I go to the retirement home. If I can do this, some of those goals will make the Saxons fans very happy, and so I will be happy. Maybe I will do it in GLXI, maybe I will do it in the league against Rochdale (he laughs), and who knows… maybe a few people will remember me in years to come. That would be nice. Really nice.”