More Farroni Misery

Laying the BOMB down on the Maraca-Bombonera Júnior Arena…

NYC Peregrines may be a team in flux right now, as they redefine what the club means to them, but Coach Boumann and the board need look no further for the future of the club than the Bronxers Youth Academy!

This last Saturday evening, against the youth team of Cristian Farroni’s beloved Los Mejores Fútbol Club, the Bronxers found themselves two goals down after 31 minutes, and even though local hero Ross ‘The Boss’ Bourassa got a conversion for Peregrines, they were 3-1 down just before half-time. Luckily, Ali Hajjiani got a power strike in to make it 3-2, but things were not looking good. Half-time would change all that…

Ali ‘The Bee’ Hajjiani


Ross ‘The Boss’ Bourassa

In the second half, the Bronxers were unstoppable! Two minutes had passed only, and Hessler-Palmer broke through to level the score. The 269 die-hard fans at the Tor Miller Academy went wild, and the Bronxers responded. Four more minutes and it would be talented striker Chris Thigpen to take the New Yorkers into the lead for the first time in the match.

It would be powerful player Ali Hajjiani who would get his name on the scoresheet once more just quarter of an hour after this, and which saw a three goals in seven minutes blitz which Mejores just couldn’t respond to. Dominik Brunner, and Garret Beckham with a penalty following a rash tackle by Mejores’ Velloso (which saw him dismissed from the pitch for his 2nd offence) took the final score to 7-3, and one which the players were overjoyed about at the final whistle.

BeckhamGarret ‘Brooklyn’ Beckham


0 – 1 Ronaldo Bruno do Rosário 18′
0 – 2 Eulálio Marcus 31′
1 – 2 Ross Bourassa 38′
1 – 3 Ronaldo Bruno do Rosário 41′
2 – 3 Ali Hajiani 42′
3 – 3 Jonathon Hessler-Palmer 47′
4 – 3 Christopher Thigpen 51′
5 – 3 Ali Hajiani 67′
6 – 3 Dominik Brunner 69′
7 – 3 Garret Beckham 74′
1 booking accumulated Josias Souza Melo 43′
1 booking accumulated Patrício Velloso 55′
Suspended for next match Patrício Velloso 73′
Got injured Ethan Minor 43′
Got bruised Kazem Souratgar 56′
Substitution Out Ethan Minor
In Dominik Brunner



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 4
1 Left attack 2
2 Central attack 2
3 Right attack 0
1 Other 0
1 Special events 0