BOOM – Peregrines Swoop!


with Alin Badiu, and Ernst-Jan Bracké


Davie ‘The Viscount’ Edler has agreed terms and passed a medical with NYC Peregrines, after Racing Winnebago allowed the club fans favourite to negotiate terms with other teams. Coach Boumann was apparently in no mood to let this opportunity slip buy, and immediately paid out for a strike partner for the ‘Viscount’ in the form of Italian forward Walter ‘Mago’ Arcione.

“It’s a dream move for me, having spent my entire career with Winnebago so far. Peregrines have convinced me they are a team who are about to embark on a mission, and they want me to help spearhead that attack. I’m all for that!”

Edler had a few words for supporters of Winnebago who were saddened when the club sanctioned the move:

“I want to thank Ken Diggs for giving me the chance to move up from the local leagues to secure a place in Meandering Winnebago, and then of course, for the coach and board for promoting me to the first team. I scored 13 goals in my 2 years there, and the hattrick against sanchez was a special moment, though I had to share the match ball with Johnnie Renna! I’ll always hold the Winnebago fans in my heart, and I’ll clap them before the next game we play against them, but careers changes and players move on. They’ll get new forwards and new heroes, and it’ll be my job now to try and score against them and against others for my new teammates. I’ll always hold them in my heart outside of the job. I hope they remember that.”

Edler was signed for just under $1 million, and some neutrals feel that he will eventually justify a slightly inflated transfer fee. Joining him is the kid they’re calling ‘The Magician’ or ‘Mago’ in Italian. This unpredictable talent will play up front with Edler, and rumours persist that one more attacking signing at least will take place this week or next.


In other news, Cristian Farroni seems determined to distance himself from the inflamatory comments and allegations streaming out of the Los Mejores Blog of late. We have been unable to get any response from Farroni, the current GL President, or the accused Aldopaolo Peroni. Statistics show that fans’ dissatisfaction of the GL hierarchy is growing day by day, and this situation surely needs to be resolved soon before it reaches a dangerous climax.

GLXI itself has got off to a great start, with several teams gaining wins in the first few fixtures, and more matches due to happen soon as cup runs eventually come to an end. We can’t wait to see Edler play his first game and it looks like he’ll get the chance against Lord Bebbington’s Saxons next week!

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