The New Era

A lot has happened in a short space of time, so here’s the quick run-down:

The Flaming Wodkas FC, Raszków, Poland

The whole focus is on Leszek, our homegrown goalkeeping talent. Nicknamed ‘The Future’, day by day he gets closer and closer to realising that future as ‘The Reality’. A very noticeable side effect of this, is the development alongside Leszek of the squad defenders.

Currently, among the homegrown trainees, only one really stands out. This is Józef ‘Jimmy’ Hendzlik, who has reached outstanding (10) in defence, at the age of 18.051. He doesn’t have a spec, although he does have solid leadership – a real bonus.

The real defensive progress has been made amongst the in-federation purchases carried out by the Wodkas board. Their progress has been relayed via the ‘Misfits’ thread in the HTUM Federation. The big problem for me, as has been written elsewhere, is creating the homegrown defence without slowing down the progress of these ‘Misfits’.

The homegrowns are still a project in flux. Only one has any defence, as mentioned, and only one other has a speciality. We’ll see. The Misfits are stronger, with six players (excluding the goalkeeper trainee from MSO) consisting of four with spec and two without.

Crazy Horses Football Club, Saint Philip, Barbados

This team isn’t even a month old, and upon creation it was clear that heading was a particular strength with five head specs in the squad. Not all of these are useful though, with one being the goalkeeper.

Trying to work out what the initial training regime would be, meant settling on training up the current goalkeeper and one other. We went in the end for an 18-year-old called Sane Morales, who has 7 defence and 6 set pieces. At age 18.24, he should reach 9 in goalkeeping at the end of the current season – even with our passable coach.

Ideally, I’d like to convert a solid experience (or higher) player to solid coach in the near future, though I don’t think I’ll be able to do this as quickly as I will be able to in my other new team…

Tawang Legends, Arunachal Pradesh, India

This team has a ‘feel’ unlike the others, almost as if I can sense the destiny that awaits it even despite my previous track record with teams on HT. Given the additional intrigue of how many Fed managers are currently battling it out in the India leagues, this gives an added edge. This inaugural season we will be renewing rivalries with the owner of Rochdale United. It is quite amazing, that having closed my second team ‘Lost Saxons’ that was battling it out with Rochdale and due to play them in week four, that I now find myself in another country ready to battle it out again in week four with the same manager.

Tawang has succeeded in bringing in a future external coach, who will add something to the team in the short term. He was very cheap also, and home nationality, which is a bonus. His name is Gupta, and the focus of the Legends now is to generate money for survival, expansion and coach conversion in the future.