An intriguing photo has emerged of Flaming Wodkas FC chairman Lord Bebbington, and Los Mejores Fútbol Club chairman Vgrille, reportedly relaxing together in an outdoor pool somewhere in South America, presumably ‘very merry’.

The photograph was reportedly taken following a day of intense negotiations between the two clubs over the possibility of a breakaway league from the traditional Golden League. Talk of a DAL League were quickly dismissed by the press release offices of both teams, but something had clearly been going on, or was being celebrated in the photograph with both owners looking relaxed, happy and enjoying living the dream.

Some social media users took a different viewpoint: “It’s shocking how some people abuse their positions of power and flaunt their money. Don’t they both know how poor some people are back in their localities? Raszków and Rio should be better represented!”

Others though, were starkly contrasting: “I think it’s great – clearly some sort of big deal has been agreed, and both owners are celebrating. Why shouldn’t they enjoy life considering that they must have both worked hard to reach their positions, and clearly both have given as much back to the fans as they can?”

It is unclear yet, what other owners of HTUM Federation teams will make of this, or what the deal was about. All we can say is, we don’t think this story has ended yet, for sure.

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